Former Democrat Leader Calls Obama a “LIAR”

I think we’re all pretty clear about the fact that President Barack Obama is a liar and a huckster. He’s like the snake-oil salesmen of old who sell their wares by any means necessary. Just like the fradusters who travelled the Old West hawking their fool’s gold products to anyone who would listen, Obama travelled the nation lying about his cheaply-made, poorly produced healthcare insurance at every stop.

He might has well have been travelling by horse drawn wagon – then the analogy would be perfect.

Does it make everything worse to consider that the cheering crowds of adoring fans who were salivating for the magic elixir that Obama was hawking were his own people? I mean, he stood before his supporters. His fans. His minions. He stood before them and LIED to their faces – over and over again. And still they love him?

ObamaLiar2At least one of his fans is willing to speak truth on the subject of Obamacare. Here is former Representative Barney Frank (D-MA) speaking out about Obama’s willingness to lie to America, just to sell his product.

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“The rollout was so bad, and I was appalled — I don’t understand how the president could have sat there and not been checking on that on a weekly basis,” Frank said in an interview with the Huffington Post published Friday.

“But frankly, he should never have said as much as he did, that if you like your current health care plan, you can keep it,” he continued. “That wasn’t true. And you shouldn’t lie to people. And they just lied to people.”

Where were good ol’ Barney’s morals back when the Obama administration was lying to us? We now know that every Democrat who went around spewing the President’s tired message should have known what they were saying was a complete farce. So where is the video of Rep. Barney Frank telling Obama and his people to pull back on the promises? It doesn’t exist.

No Democrat spoke out against the President’s lies. Only Republicans said… “This cannot be true.” Only Republicans said, “The math doesn’t add up.” Only Republicans wondered how this fairytale legislation could possibly do even HALF of what the President claimed it could.

And because only Republicans stood against the President’s lies… the media simply pretended the Republicans were playing politics and gave the President the green light to go right on LYING. The media gave President Obama the cover to sell his fairytale to the American people and the snake-oil salesman in the White House took their help and ran with it.

Now, we’re paying the price.

In my home state of Georgia the average premium has risen by more than 100%! We’re just learning that in California, where insurance was already preposterously expensive, premiums still rose by more than 50%!

Obamacare is a bad deal for America, and all of President Obama’s lies can’t fix that.

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