Former Congressman and Presidential Candidate says, “No Policy… has come Out of Trump’s Mouth”!


Former Republican Congressman and Libertarian candidate for President, Bob Barr (R-GA), had some tough words for Donald Trump and his supporters this past week. Barr was a guest on MSNBC when he was asked if GOP voters were falling for Trump’s cult of personality as opposed to siding with his policy ideas. Barr was quick to point out that, in his mind, this MUST all be about personality over policy because “no policy… has come out of Trump’s mouth”!

They’re falling for something over policy, because there is absolutely no policy that has come out of Trump’s mouth in this entire election contest thus far. And I think it’s important that Mitt Romney, our standard bearer at the last go-round has come out and started asking some tough questions about Donald Trump. One thing you don’t want in a party going into a fall election is a pig and a poke.”

Barr, who has endorsed Senator [score]Ted Cruz[/score] for President, added that he believed the reason Mitt Romney had come out calling for Mr. Trump to release his taxes was because the former presidential candidate recognizes the need for the candidates to be properly vetted.

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“People need to know more about him, because if he were to win the nomination, and, yet, still amass all of the details of his life and his policies, we go into the general election not knowing who we have as a candidate,” Barr told MSNBC.

Barr had more to say in the aftermath of the most recent GOP debate where he articulated great confidence in how Ted Cruz would perform in Tuesday’s “SEC Primary”.

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