Former Clinton Adviser Trashes James Comey’s Book! [VIDEO]

A former Clinton adviser not only takes down James Comey (along with John Brennan and others), but he does so in a “mainstream web publication.”

When a former Clinton adviser publishes an attack on the deep state in a mainstream media website, you know change may be coming.

A former Clinton adviser not only takes down James Comey (along with John Brennan and others), but he does so in a “mainstream web publication.” In so doing, he openly admits to the existence and extensiveness of the deep state. He further argues that they are using nebulous legalities of “Russian collusion” to justify an unending (and hypocritical) hunt for any and all ways to criminalize the Trump Administration.

If Democrats get disgusted with the DNC and criminal corruption, will parts of the media turn on the deep state?

Here’s Mark Penn from a couple of months ago on “the Nunes memo.”

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The Hill posted his scathing editorial, “Comey’s last stand for the deep state.

The book by former FBI Director James Comey and the daily hyperbolic John Brennan sound bites are perhaps the final reveal of just how much hubris and vitriol they had. Comey’s book, according to reports, contains nothing new of legal consequence to Trump (while suggesting that former Attorney General Loretta Lynch has something to worry about), but it unmasks the hatred that Comey had for Donald Trump from the beginning. It impeaches Comey’s fitness to have ever held high, nonpartisan office.

Whether you are a Democrat who can’t stand Trump, a Hillary Clinton supporter who feels robbed by Comey, or a Trump supporter, any use of wiretapping and vast prosecutorial machinery against our political campaigns and sitting presidents always has to be viewed skeptically and should meet the highest standards of conduct and impartiality. The post-election actions of these former officials makes suspect their actions as officials.

It was […] Comey who went to the president during the transition seeking a one-on-one meeting to tell him about the inflammatory dossier, but who critically omitted telling the president that the dossier was a product of the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee. These facts, he knew, if revealed at that moment in January, would have ended further inquiry. This was no effort to inform the president and douse the fires of unverified and salacious information, but one to inflame the president and spread the stories everywhere.

Unlike a murder or a robbery that has a specific trail of facts that can be investigated, Russia collusion is an allegation that could never be disproved. The accusation allowed special counsel Robert Mueller to investigate the entirety of the Trump campaign, every aspect of the presidential transition, and even interview 27 White House aides.

When that did not bear fruit, the special counsel could start looking at every business transaction with Russians or foreigners who knew Russians. After all, collusion could be hiding anywhere — in a speech given years ago, a condo bought a decade ago by an oligarch — so he could search for it everywhere.

Penn writes much more, showing the charges against the Trump Team all involve a massive double standard as much larger charges against the Clintonistas are never threatened with prosecution.

Read the entire devestating article.

You can also watch another Clinton crony, this time it’s Lanny Davis, destroying James Comey for being a liar and a narcissist.


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