Forget Russian Bots Making Fake News; Zuckerberg Bots Will Censor Speech!

The Zuckerberg bots are right around the corner and they will keep free of “hate speech.” Zuckerberg himself los like a robot, and least when he’s talking to Congress.

Zuckerberg bots will supposedly have enough artificial intelligence in 5-10 years to keep “hate speech” off Facebook.

The Zuckerberg bots are right around the corner and they will keep Facebook free of “hate speech.” Zuckerberg himself looks like a robot, at least when he’s talking to Congress.

I find it really hard to believe that the “error rate” will improve with fewer humans involved. And “error rate” doesn’t really describe what happened to Diamond and Silk.

The Washington Examiner reported, “Mark Zuckerberg: ‘Optimistic’ AI tools to flag, remove hate speech on Facebook will be developed in 5-10 years.

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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg predicted Tuesday it will be five to 10 years before Facebook has technological tools in place to flag and remove hate speech from the platform before it is posted.

During testimony before a joint hearing with the Senate Judiciary and Commerce committees, Commerce Committee Chairman John Thune, R-S.D., asked Zuckerberg what challenges Facebook faces with evaluating hate speech versus legitimate political discourse.

Zuckerberg noted it’s more difficult for Facebook to rely on technology to root out hate speech compared to other content on the platform, such as terrorist propaganda.


Zuckerberg told Thune. “Hate speech is one of the hardest, because determining if something is hate speech is very linguistically nuanced.

Read the rest of the Washington Examiner story.

But some simple questions from Ben Sasse showed that Zuckerberg have no idea how to even decide what is hate speech.

As Newsbusters reports, “Zuckerberg Struggles to Answer Sasse’s Plea to Define Hate Speech; ‘This Is a Really Hard Question.’

The Nebraska Republican continued to hammer home this danger about how scores of younger Americans are embracing the erosion of the First Amendment and censoring pro-lifers:


“Can you imagine a world where you might decide that pro-lifers are prohibited from speaking about their abortion views on content — on your platform?”

Zuckerberg shot back that “I certainly would not want that to be the case” but Sasse countered: “But it might be really unsettling to people who have had an abortion to have an open debate about that? Wouldn’t it?”

“It might be, but I don’t think that…would fit any of the definition of what we have, but I do generally agree with the point that you’re making which is as we’re able to technologically shift towards especially having AI proactively look at content, I think that’s going to create massive questions for society,” he in part responded.

Read the entire Newsbusters story.

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