Ford is NOT ‘Credible’ At All

I only saw that many were saying that Ford was “credible” and they had sympathy for her. The clips from her testimony showed me that she isn’t credible.

By Dennis Marcellin

I didn’t watch Ford’s testimony yesterday, only Kavanaugh’s. I only saw that many were saying that it was “credible” and they had sympathy for her. But I just saw two clips from her testimony that showed me that she isn’t credible.

In one she said that she took the lie detector test on the day of her grandmother’s funeral. When asked that by the expert from Arizona she said “correct”. But then later she said it might have been the next day.

Then she said (also in a mousy voice with a nervous half smile) that she didn’t remember who paid for the lie detector test. Now if she can’t remember things that happened just a month ago, HOW CAN SHE REMEMBER THINGS THAT HAPPENED 36 YEARS AGO? Therefore she is not “credible”.

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This is on top of all of the testimonies by people she cited as being at the party who said that it did not happen, including by her best friend.

And there are other holes in her testimony. For example, how did she get to and from the party? She was too young to drive … especially given how far she lived from the party, as did all the other people who were said to attend.

The demonically possessed democrats have ONLY one objective, and that is to delay. Hopefully Americans are seeing through this scam and will vote in a red tsunami in November. Even someone said that the longer this goes on and the closer to the elections that it gets, this will backfire on the dems because people will be fired up to vote against them and their evil.

The dem’s evil motives and how they came to take over our country’s morals can be seen in my book at

I hope that the GOP gets a spine (like in Lindsay Graham’s speech yesterday) and don’t let them get away with what they’ve been getting away with just because the GOP has been trying to be fair and balanced. The dems don’t give the same courtesy.

Regarding the motivation of the dems, it is constantly said that this is about their fear of losing Roe v Wade. How can a person be proud and feel no shame being an obstructionist against all the good that Trump is doing? How can they be proud that their main stance leads to hundreds of thousands of babies being killed? Is that really something worth standing for?

The solution to that is simple: don’t have sex unless you are in a marriage that has been prepared to be committed for life. And the best way that I’ve found to ensure that is to both place God and the Bible above all else. Then, along with NFP (Natural Family Planning), there would be no inclination ever for abortion.

Having grown up in the 1950’s, this is one way that I see that the phrase Make America Great Again would apply … when romance, marriage, God and patriotism were the norms.

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