Ford Claims She Doesn’t Know Who Paid for Her Polygraph Test, Lies About Fear of Flying

Among others lies, Christine Blasey Ford made the lie to her “fear of flying” claim and then noted she does not know who paid for her polygraph test.

As the first half of the Thursday testimony by Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford concluded, a growing list of inconsistencies in her tall tale had already been observed. Among others, she made the lie to her “fear of flying” claim and then noted she does not know who paid for her own polygraph test.

During her testimony, Ford was asked who paid for the polygraph test that she claims proves she is telling the truth about her accusation that Judge Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her in high school over 30 years ago. But she claimed she did not know who forked over the hundreds of dollars for that testing.

Um, what? How is that even possible? If she doesn’t know, does this not prove that she is being “handled” by other people?

According to Breitbart News:

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Blasey Ford told prosecutor Rachel Mitchell Thursday afternoon that she did “not yet” know who paid for the polygraph exam she underwent on August 7, one week after her allegations against Kavanaugh reached Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA).

Ford testified Thursday before the Senate Judiciary Committee, leveling her accusations against President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court Justice nominee. The Republican members all ceded their time for questions to Mitchell, a veteran sex crimes prosecutor.

Mitchell asked Ford who paid for the testing. Ford answered, “not yet, no,” to who may have paid for that test.

Mitchell also asked why Jerry Hanafin, the polygraph administrator, did not conduct the examination in his Virginia office, rather at a hotel next to Baltimore–Washington International Airport. “I had left my grandmother’s funeral at that point at Fort Lincoln Cemetery that day and I was on a tight scheduled to get to make a plane to Manchester, New Hampshire,” Ford told Mitchell. “He was willing to come to me, which was appreciated.”

But how is this possible? If Ford was seeking to make sure all her bases were covered for the coming reveal of her accusations, how is it she has no idea who paid for this test? Was she not in control of what was going on? And if not, who is pulling her strings.

As the hearing was reconvened after a lunch break, Ford’s counsel conveniently just remembered that the woman’s lawyers paid for the testing. It is all very fishy.

In another moment, Ford gave testimony that proves her claims to be afraid of flying is a major lie.
Again, according to Breitbart News:

Ford and her attorneys refused a Monday hearing, arguing that she was afraid to fly. One of her friends even claimed that her fear of flying was a result of the alleged assault by Judge Brett Kavanaugh over 35 years ago.

Yet under questioning by Mitchell, Ford admitted that she had, in fact, flown across the country to make the hearing. She had also flown to the east coast for a vacation with family in August. She also admitted flying frequently for her work and for her hobbies, including surfing vacations in Hawaii, Costa Rica, and French Polynesia. Ford, laughing nervously, said that it was easier to fly for vacations.

It is clear that the “fear of flying” lie was issued only to delay the Senate proceedings.

This “fear of flying” lie was a political ploy. Not the truth. So, what else is she lying about?

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