For the Last Time – Ted Cruz is NO Globalist


Our colleague, the brilliant Trevor Loudon, spent some time unmasking one of the favorite attacks from the anti-Cruz elements within the Republican Party. Cruz’s GOP opponents are utterly powerless to defeat him on policy, which is why they’ve refused to attack him on the issues. Instead, Donald Trump, Marco Rubio and Dr. Ben Carson have attacked Cruz on campaign issues – like the mess the campaign made by insinuating that Dr. Carson was dropping out of the campaign in Iowa or Trump and Rubio’s continual attacks on Cruz as a “liar.”

One of the other attacks most often directed at Cruz has come from a corner of the conservative wing, which seems sure that Cruz is an undercover “globalist.” They connect Cruz with the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), they point to his wife’s former position at Goldman Sachs as proof of his nefarious globalist dealings. The only problem with this little piece of delusion is that it is pure fantasy.

Loudon explains over at his website:

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Here is then plain old Mr. Cruz from 2012 explaining the perils of Agenda 21 and detailing some of his battles to protect US sovereignty.

Here he is again calling out the the true “globalists” of the Council on Foreign Relations for what they are… a pit of vipers.

Loudon then goes on to ask the most relevant question of the piece – ‘who else has been a more ardent defender of our sovereignty’? The answer – NO ONE.

Name me one other serving Senator, with the exception of Alabama’s heroic Jeff Sessions, who has done as much to protect US sovereignty as Ted Cruz.

For more thorough debunking of Ted Cruz globalism myths go here and here.

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