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I am here talking to every conservative. I am an avid supporter of the Republican Party, a diehard conservative, and a big fan of the Constitution. I know that Donald Trump has some issues that would repel some conservatives from him. However, we have to look at the coming election from every angle.

The First Perspective:

Hillary Clinton in the White House, God forbid, is a disaster. I don’t see how the country can run for another four years and may be eight years with the same current policies. Add to that, we will be vulnerable for another Democrat to succeed her. Making it 24 years of Democrats in the white house.

The Democrats are blind – or pretending to be blind – to issues that can yield a disastrous outcome. I have been close to many businessmen, big and small. I was discussing and helping them make some decisions. The Democrats don’t know that a businessman does not have to be rich. They vary between very poor and very rich.

Higher taxes and higher minimum wage do kill every business that is struggling to make an acceptable profit. Small business is more vulnerable. Unlike a big business that can make a small profit or even take some loss, a small business owner relies on the profit to spend on his family.

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The owner is the last one paid in his own business. I have seen a business owner calculating his profit. He found that he made $3 per hour for the time he spent running his business. I have seen a store owner who could not afford to buy some of his own merchandise for his family.

I know workers who feel pity for the business owners, and they accept less than minimum wage. And owners who would let a business run, hardly making profit just to keep their workers employed.

High taxes and higher minimum wage will put all of these out of business, and raise the prices up. The higher prices would eat the higher minimum wage.

There is no way Trump will amount to the Democrats’ level of spending and taxing.

The Second Perspective:

Even if I don’t agree, I still respect the opinion of those who hate Trump. Someone might hate Trump because he or she is too conservative. However, they have to confront the truth that the people are getting more liberal. Plus, The Latino population is growing at a high rate, making it harder for the Republican Party to win some of states in the South. The globalization policies made the middle class – the main voting body for the Republican Party – lose their trust in the establishment of the Republican Party. Consequently, Donald Trump is a logical symptom that we have to accept and deal with. We can’t say: “I hate having blisters on my arm, so I will cut my arm off.” We should look for the disease that caused the blisters and treat it. Until then, we have to live with the blisters.

Trump has to adopt some relatively liberal policies that are popular among the American people as a whole, even if they are not popular among some conservatives. He is running to be the president of United States, not the president of the conservative movement. We can’t impose all of our conservative beliefs on the people. He is trying to win an election. We do not have other methods to get in office. We can cheer or maybe support a coup d’état that imposes unpopular policies in another nation, but not in America.

Even in Physics we accept laws that don’t work in all the cases, just to solve many problems. They are indispensable, until we find a better one.

I am asking the conservative base: Don’t shame us with another defeat. Vote Donald Trump.

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