Football Season Crisis: Shortage of Chicken Wings in America

As we head into football season, many of you already have tailgates planned and have possibly even taken advantage of sales on paper plates and plastic utensils.

What really makes a good football game night? Is it the game itself? How about the sweet tea, or the beer? Many people would say that the food is the best, namely the chicken wings. Right?

Well we have some bad news, as AOL reports: America is heading straight for a chicken wind shortage!

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Football fans and tailgaters across America are going to have to find another food to snack on this fall, as we’re currently experiencing a chicken wing crisis. It couldn’t be worse timing with football season just ramping up, but according to The Wall Street Journal, whole-wing prices have jumped from $1.50 to $2.09 a pound.

So what does this mean? Places such as Buffalo Wild Wings and Wingstop are being forced to switch to other options like boneless chicken wings and cut back on discounts and specials—meaning you’ll be paying full price for those beloved wings.

Wingstop CEO Charlie Morrison said, “That’s natural in the restaurant business to raise prices as he continued, “We don’t want to raise them too much because we want to keep a great value for our consumers.”

So what does this mean for football fans? Looks like we may have to switch to a plethora of other dishes. Even if you want to stick with the traditional chicken, you can always go with chicken fingers, boneless wings, or even a cheesy chicken dip.

Drop your favorite chicken recipes below!

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