Footage Shows Facilities for Illegal Alien Children

When an American who is a single parent or if both parents are jailed, if there is no relative to adopt the children, they will have to be put in foster care.

The illegal alien children are being sheltered and educated, not kept in cages.

Here is a facility for illegal alien children.

When an American who is a single parent or if both parents are jailed, if there is no relative to adopt the children, they will have to be put in foster care. Even if they have not been tried in a court of law, if the parents are accused of a crime and determined to be a flight risk, they will be jailed and the children will have to be cared for by someone else.

The Obama Administration practiced “catch and release” with adults who came into the country with children they claimed belonged to them. Donald Trump was voted into office on an immigration enforcement platform. People in the media overwhelmingly hate Trump and hate his platform on immigation.

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There is no reason to trust them.

Breitbart reports, “PHOTOS: Inside Shelter for Illegal Alien Children Separated from Parents.

The Department of Health and Human Services hosted Breitbart News and other media on a tour of a facility in El Cajon, California, on Friday where migrant children are being sheltered after being separated from their parents.

The children are separated from their parents — or, to be precise, from the adults accompanying them, who may or may not be their parents — when their parents cross the southern U.S. border illegally and are caught and detained.

Previously, under the “catch-and-release” policy, the adults would be released. Under the “zero tolerance” policy of the Trump administration, the adults are being detained and prosecuted. Children cannot be incarcerated with them.

However, families that arrive together at legal ports of entry and apply for asylum status are generally not split up and are permitted to stay in the U.S. pending the adjudication of their applications (which can take several years).

Democrats and the mainstream media have accused the administration of separating the children of “immigrants” from their parents and imprisoning them in “cages.” On Thursday, CNN analyst and Playboy reporter Brian Karem shouted at White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders: “These people have nothing. They come to the border with nothing and you throw children in cages.” None of the reporters in the briefing room corrected him.

The facility at El Cajon, however, is not a “cage.” It is a comfortable facility providing lodging, meals, clothing, medical care, education, recreation, counseling, and other services.

Read the full story and see the photos.

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