Focus on the Family’s Dr. James Dobson Campaigns for His Favorite Candidate


Dr. James Dobson has long been an important and even revered figure in the conservative evangelical community.

He has helped millions of people with his books, radio and TV shows, and his articles in magazines. Dr. Dobson has worked hard to help people of all stripes in healing from various physical and mental issues, while always doing his best to remind them of who the real Healer is.

He recently cut a new ad for the Courageous Conservatives PAC wherein he gives a full-throated endorsement of Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) for President.

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“This is Dr. James Dobson. As private citizens, Shirley and I urge you to support of Ted Cruz for President. Other Republicans are worthy of consideration, but at this point it looks like a vote for anyone other than Ted Cruz is a vote for Donald Trump. For people of faith who care about religious liberty, life, and marriage, it’s time for us all to rally around Ted Cruz. Senator Cruz has the intelligence, the courage, the grasp of domestic and world affairs, and the solid foundation in faith and family to stand firmly in support of our conservative values. This is James Dobson.”

Look for this ad and others like it by the many evangelical leaders who have thrown their support behind Cruz to begin airing throughout the South and other culturally conservative areas in an effort to help Senator Cruz win the nomination.

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