Florida to Eliminate Time Change? Lawmakers Vote in Favor Year-Long Daylight Savings

According to a report by CNN, Florida lawmakers are voting to remain in Daylight Savings year round. They are allegedly fed up with “falling back” and “springing forward.”

The biggest reason we have Daylight Saving Time so that we have more time for productivity during the day, as our daylight hours alter throughout our trip around the sun.


It took the state Senate less than a minute Tuesday to pass the “Sunshine Protection Act.” There were only two dissenters. (The House passed it 103-11 on February 14.)

The bill now goes to the desk of Gov. Rick Scott — but it’s far from a done deal after that.

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I highly doubt Scott will sign the bill, but in the slight chance that he did, it would still have to go through Congress where it would be killed on the spot.


Florida will then join Hawaii and most of Arizona, the two places that are exempt from the Uniform Time Act of 1966. The Act established the system of uniform Daylight Saving Time throughout the US.
Efforts to kill off daylight saving time are nearly as old as the time shift itself. And many of the commonly offered rationales for daylight saving time (yes, it’s “saving,” not “savings”) no longer hold true.
Stop complaining about things as minuscule as an HOUR difference in time. We have bigger fish to fry!
Don’t forget to set your clocks forward an hour this weekend.

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