Florida becomes the 12th State to DEFUND Planned Parenthood!

On Friday, Florida Governor Rick Scott signed Florida’s HB 1411 defunding Planned Parenthood facilities across the state!

Florida Family Policy Council (FFPC) cheered the decision:

Today, Gov. Rick Scott signed HB 1411 into law, which significantly cuts taxpayer funding to all abortion clinics in the state of Florida, including Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion provider in America. Florida is now the 12th state to defund Planned Parenthood from accessing state taxpayer dollars after Alabama, Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah and Wisconsin. 

All of these states have restricted Planned Parenthood from receiving state taxpayer funds since the historic work of David Daleiden who exposed Planned Parenthood this past summer with an extensive undercover sting operation showing the organization negotiating the sale of babies’ body parts, and engaging in other fraud, waste and illegal activity.

The funds currently being sent to Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers in Florida for legitimate woman’s health care, will now be available to hundreds of low-cost federally qualified community health clinics in the state that can provide a more comprehensive and geographically accessible range of women’s health services. 

Florida Family Policy Council (FFPC) President John Stemberger had this to say about the momentous decision:

“This is a historic victory and we are thrilled to have been an active part of this effort.  We are so grateful to the Republican leadership in the Florida House and Florida Senate for making this happen.  They collectively did what the Governor failed to do, namely, provided leadership on this critical issue and made it happen.  We are nonetheless pleased that Governor Scott did follow the Florida Legislature’s lead in this matter and signed this important bill into law.  The real heroes in this victory are Senator Kelli Stargel (R) and Representative Colleen Burton (R) both of Lakeland.  These women are to be commended for their courage and conviction, leading on this issue which voters have been concerned about for decades.  Finally, we applaud Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) for their legal expertise and research without which this victory may not have taken place.”

Florida becomes the 12th state to explicitly defund the abortion giant – along with Alabama, Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah and Wisconsin. This latest victory doesn’t mean we have time to rest. Now, we need to step up the pressure on the remaining 38 states and demand that our representatives push similar legislation through every legislature. Not another public dime should be spent on the wholesale slaughter of our next generation.

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