Flashback: Nigerian Immigrants Refute #BlackLivesMatter

A tweet responded to the President’s crude remark by invoking the example of Nigerian immigrants.

In response to the President’s crude remark, an old story that gave information about Nigerian immigrants has been tweeted.

That’s really interesting, but what about all the “white privilege” and “systemic racism” that pervade America? What about the racist police that force NFL players to not stand for the National Anthem?

Surely, Nigerians aren’t doing better economically than average Americans because whites are giving up their privilege for them?

A Bloomberg View columnist pointed out in 2015, “It Isn’t Just Asian Immigrants Who Thrive in the U.S.

According to Census data, more than 43 percent of African immigrants hold a bachelor’s degree or higher — slightly more than immigrants from East Asia. Nigerian immigrants are especially educated, with almost two-thirds holding college degrees — a significantly higher percentage even than Chinese or South Korean immigrants. African immigrants are also very likely to hold advanced degrees, many of which are earned at U.S. universities. By many measures, African immigrants are as far ahead of American whites in the educational achievement as whites are ahead of African-Americans.

That education translates into higher household income. Nigerian-Americans, for instance, have a median household income well above the American average, and above the average of many white and Asian groups, such as those of Dutch or Korean descent.

This doesn’t settle what our immigration policy should be, but it does show why it’s so hard to get honest analysis of immigration issues. By affirming Nigerian immigrants (at least some immigrants) do well, they are admitting that racism is not a determining issue in anyone’s life. The Left can never admit that.

Read the entire Bloomberg View column.

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