Flashback, 2013: Chuck Schumer Said President ‘Deserves his Choices’ for Cabinet

Senate Minority  Leader Chuck Schumer has been slow-walking the confirmation of Donald Trump’s Cabinet. Yet in 2013 he justified Harry Reid’s elimination of the filibuster for presidential appointments (except the Supreme Court) by saying ” Just about everyone in America, Democrat, Republican, liberal, conservative, believe that once you elect a president he deserves his choices to run the executive branch.”

Perhaps the reason Schumer said, “just about everybody,” instead of simply “everybody,” is that he doesn’t believe what he said in 2013 that the president deserves his choices.

Well either that or he had a beef with the Capital Police and wanted them to work all night. Or maybe he simply wanted the senate to have the opportunity to tell Elizabeth Warren to shut up and sit down as they did last night (many people would pay to see that but it’s embedded below for free).

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With yesterday’s confirmation of Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education, just five of Trump’s 15 nominees have been confirmed.

At the same point of time in their presidencies:

  • President Obama had 12 of 15 Cabinet officials confirmed (7 on Day 1)
  • President Bu…
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