Finally! The Planned Parenthood Song is Sweeping the Nation

Dan Joseph at MRC TV is one very funny dude.

He does the “man on the street” interviews for MRC and really does a great job unmasking the foolishness behind most liberal ideas and the ignorance of most liberal voters.

Joseph has recently finished his latest musical parody wherein he offers a scathing commentary against Planned Parenthood and its supporters.

Joseph cleverly ties in the school dance scene from Back to the Future emulating Michael J. Fox’s turn as the guitar-wielding Marty, complete with the classic red bubble vest, with the recent undercover videos exposing the crimes of Planned Parenthood.

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It’s a deadly serious situation but without some levity, like the kind Joseph delivers here, we’d go stir crazy. The world can be a dark and sad place – we must remember to laugh from time to time, if only to remind ourselves of the beauty that also exists here.

We should all thank Dan Joseph for the laughs.

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