Ferguson Riots Proof Evil Exists

These are dark times in America.

Last night near my hometown, a massive riot broke out to protest the death of Michael Brown. The death is tragic, and reminiscent of the death of Trayvon Martin.

How far down has America gone that the only form of protest we have is to resort to violence?

Americans have always protested; however, most of the time we have protested peacefully. Earlier this year, the school band (of which I am a part) that had won multiple national awards was on the verge of being cut for financial purposes. Instead of destroying cars and burning petrol stations to the ground, we went to the board office and held signs and did not say a word. Several hundred people showed up and not a single one was arrested.

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Why can’t these people do the same?

The level of violence that is present in Ferguson is unacceptable. Charley Dooley (the County Executive of St. Louis County) is a staunch Democrat and I hardly agree with him on any issue, except this one. He physically went to the riots and told the people to calm down and disperse. Violence is never the answer. Violence only sparks more violence.

(I will refrain from commenting on the shooting because the trial is not underway and I am not familiar with the details of the shooting.)

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No matter how far outside the box I draw ideas from to attempt to justify the destruction of businesses and theft of merchandise, I fail to find justification.

Americans are very fortunate; we are guaranteed the right to peaceably assemble (peaceful protest).

We do not have the right to destroy property that belongs to people that have absolutely nothing to do with an event. We can peacefully declare our thoughts about an event, but speech is different from violence. The bad guys always lose in America, to quote Glenn Beck, “In America, it is our virtue that the bad guys, no matter who they are, whether they are bankers, politicians, or the Nazis, the bad guys always lose.”

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Peaceful protests that stretch for miles are acceptable.

Riots that stretch across cities and turn them into warzones are criminal. I assure the people that are rioting of this: if the police officer that shot Brown did shoot him unnecessarily, he will be found guilty. If it is found the officer was defending himself, he will be found not guilty. Justice always prevails in the end, whether it is in this world or the next world. The big guy upstairs will take care of things.

The calls for peace throughout the St. Louis area have been plentiful and abundant. St. Louis is not like this. Good people are in the majority. As Edmond Burke said, “The only thing necessary for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing.” I will leave with this: peace is beautiful, violence is ugly. Be a bird of peace, not a demon of war.

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