Feminists Wear ‘Fake Nipples’ to Fight the Patriarchy

If you are anything like me,  you probably get a slightly uncomfortable feeling when you are out and see a woman who is CLEARLY not wearing a bra. You know what I’m talking about. You turn your head and try to wait until she passes before you allow your eyes to wander again.

Well now feminists are using the tactic of “hard nipples” to fight the patriarchy. Hello, I am a woman and I don’t want to see that crap, either!

Apparently this is to make men stop objectifying women’s bodies. I don’t understand how making an awkward uncomfortable situation in which you make it appear as if you have huge, hard nipples would suddenly make men not want to look at breasts.

Chicks on the Right reports:

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According to this, a company called Just Nips is marketing a set of fake nipples that feminists can wear so it looks like they aren’t wearing a bra. And the founder of the company, Molly Borman, said specifically that product came onto the market right before the infamous “Women’s March” in January because it was a good way to protest Donald Trump.

The product “cements the idea that women can and should do whatever they want,” Borman told me over the phone.  In this case “whatever they want,” means making random people in public think you’re not wearing a bra—for empowerment or something.

Yes. Because THAT’S what’s going to stop Trump from being president. Feminists who can’t even be bothered to not wear their bras, so they have to wear fake nipples instead.

(I’m not sure what that’s supposed to accomplish. Does Donald Trump seem like the kind of guy who’s going to be terribly bothered that a bunch of women aren’t wearing bras?)

Just Nips’ release date is no coincidence. Borman sees her product as a direct challenge to President Trump’s administration.

According to Borman, “a lot of women feel unsafe” under Trump, and her product helps provide comfort and “a safe space.”

Here’s their description:

It is an absolute joke.


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