Feminist Author Jill Filipovic Urges All Women to Divorce Republican Husbands

Jill Filipovic, a hate-filled, left-wing writer for Cosmopolitan and Huffington Post, is now urging women to divorce their husbands if they are Republicans.

Jill Filipovic, a hate-filled, left-wing writer for Cosmopolitan and Huffington Post, is now urging all women to divorce their Republican husbands.

Apparently sick over the whole Supreme Court nomination situation, Filipovic jumped to her creepy Twitter account to offer her spittle-specked demands.

“Misogyny is a feature of the Republican Party, not a bug. Trump isn’t an aberration. Kavanaugh isn’t an aberration. These are men who stand credibly accused of doing terrible things to women, put in positions of power so they can do terrible things to women,” she tweeted on Friday.


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Hmmm. So, only Republicans are “Misogynists”? So, Harvey Weinstein, Bill Clinton, Anthony Weiner, Ted Kennedy…. gee, I don’t remember them being Republicans.

But, Newsbusters reminds us of who this vitriolic nut is:

Remember this is the same woman who told wives that their husbands voted against Hillary because they hate all women, including them. She also sung the praises of porn star Stormy Daniels, as an unlikely hero bringing about a “feminist turning point.”

Make no mistake that this is all ginned up to combat the future danger to Roe V. Wade that a Kavanaugh nomination may produce. If you can convince many women that striking down Roe V. Wade is the ultimate p*ssy grab, then you’ve got quite an opiate for the confused female masses.

So who’s really doing the victimizing here? All conservative men everywhere, or those that convince an entire demographic to fear and lash out against a manufactured enemy?

This is what the left has become, America. No longer are you just wrong about politics. No, if you don’t line up 100 percent with the left, you are not just wrong, but so evil that no woman should be allowed to even marry you.

This whole Supreme Court fight has been very instructive, in fact.

Liberals have been exclaiming that their tactics against Kavanaugh is “revenge” for having kept Obama nominee Merrick Garland off the court. But there is a HUGE difference, here. When the GOP didn’t want Garland on the Supreme Court, they just didn’t hold a vote. In contrast, when the Democrats didn’t want Brett Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court, they smeared him and his family, drummed up fake “victims” to say he is a rapist, and called him “evil” during official proceedings.

It is quite a contrast, isn’t it?

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