Feminazi Lena Dunham Takes Pride in Looking Bad: ‘It Give Me Pleasure’

Lena Dunham, also known as the woman who molested her younger sister and then wrote a book about it, has a confession to make: she enjoys being on the “worst dressed” lists.

I mean, that’s cool…. I guess? Most people take pride in looking good. Not Lena. She wears what she feels “comfortable” in and says that she enjoys landing on the lists of horribly dressed people. If you can’t be the best, or even decent, then the next best option is to the worst, I suppose.

In my opinion, her outer appearance just matches her inner personality: disgusting, sloppy, and tasteless.

“Girls” creator Lena Dunham said she does not mind showing up on worst-dressed lists and wears what gives her the most confidence.

Dunham told E! News that she was aware of appearing on multiple worst-dressed lists but said her fashion choices are made by what makes her feel “most like yourself.”

She said, “We want to be strong and ready to go…think about what is going to make you feel the most confident and like yourself.”

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“I even like ending up on that ‘Good People, Bad Clothes’ page or whatever it’s called…that stuff gives me pleasure,” Dunham told E! News.

Dunham said she regretted a few past red carpet choices.

I guess it’s easier to live when every day is like Halloween.

Dunham added, “There are a few pictures of me in, like, a weird shift dress and a blowout from early on where I’m like, ‘I’m not hosting a morning television show!’ but I thought there was some [image] that you had to fit into,” she continued, “Now I understand that it doesn’t matter.”

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