Female Trump Voters in 2016 Still Support Him

Reuters found that most female Trump voters did not regret their decision.

It must hurt the mainstream media to admit that female Trump voters aren’t all suffering from deep regret. But they aren’t. Most of them are happy with their decision.

That should be no surprise. After all, what has Hillary Clinton done or said in the last year that would make female Trump voters wish that she were President instead of Donald Trump?

Reuters reports, “In Pennsylvania, women who voted for Trump voice support after first year.

The first year of Donald Trump’s unorthodox presidency may have been a dizzying ride, but Belinda Miller has never regretted voting for him in 2016.

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“My 401(k) and my 403 have soared, and if anybody doesn’t realize that, they’ve been asleep for a year,” said Miller, a 50-year-old emergency room nurse from Audubon, Pennsylvania, referring to her retirement accounts’ growth in a booming stock market.

“I look overall not at what he says but what he does. All that other stuff is just rhetoric, smoke and mirrors,” she added.

The Philadelphia suburb where Miller lives in Montgomery County was key to Trump’s surprising 2016 triumph. In a sign of its importance, his campaign dispatched his daughter Ivanka to the region late in the race to woo women there.

In interviews with more than half a dozen Trump supporters in the region, mostly women, his backers remained largely committed to him, citing his immigration policies and a belief that tax reform will create jobs amid a growing economy. Many of them were unfazed by Trump’s combative style and provocative language.

Trump’s strength among his base is reflected in Reuters/Ipsos polls of Trump’s approval ratings, which show his support among Republicans has slipped only slightly over the year, dropping from 84 percent in his first month to 78 percent in the last month.

Read the entire Reuters story.

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