Feels Good Story, Miss Utah Contestant Asks Bullied Autistic Boy to His Homecomming

A contestant for Miss Utah has jumped to action to ask an autistic teen boy to his first Homecomming dance after he was bullied by a vicious prank by kids.

A contestant for Miss Utah has jumped to action to ask an autistic teen boy to his first Homecomming dance after he was bullied by a vicious prank by classmates.

We see negative stories all the time, granted, so it is nice to see one that is uplifting for a change, even though it started with a negative story.

According to Fox News, Dexonna Talbot, Miss Greater Salt Lake, heard about the mean prank played against autistic high school student Michael Conrad and felt compelled to act.

Shortly after Labor Day, Taylorsville High School student Michael Conrad was the target of a cruel prank in which anonymous tormenters egged his house and left behind a homecoming invitation, Fox 13 reports.

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“I’m sorry for the mess. But how about I make it up to you by taking you to Homecoming?” the note read.

According to KSL, the fake invite was attributed to a cheerleader whom Michael is friends with. His mother, Jennifer Conrad, told Fox 13 that someone even “kissed the paper.”

Working up the courage to approach his friend in school about her supposed offer, she was sad to deliver bad news.

“She said, ‘Michael, I already have a date. I’m so sorry. I had nothing to do with that.’ She felt bad,” his mom recalled.

But the boy’s mom wasn’t satisfied to let it go and she took to social media to slam the teens who perpetrated the attack on her son. And her story went viral. Soon, the story came to Talbot’s attention.

“The second I heard about this, I knew I wanted to do something,” Talbot said. “I automatically broke down into tears, because just thinking about the fact that someone would go out of their way to make someone else feel bad is so heartbreaking to me.”

Surprising Michael during history class with a poster and a bucket of Starburst, Talbot asked him to attend the homecoming dance with her, and he happily accepted.

“I really wanted to make sure it was at the school. So that way, those people who have been bullying could see something positive was coming from this and that they weren’t winning,” she told Fox 13.

“I am so grateful for the opportunity I had to take him to his homecoming and witness so many people coming together to support a really good cause. We had a fantastic time!” Talbot told Fox News of the highly anticipated event. “I am so inspired by Michael and his conviction to not let the bullies get him down.”

Looks likeMichael will end up having the prettiest girl at the prom, after all!

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