FedEx Announces Good News Due to Trump’s Tax Reform

Like other companies, FedEx announces new benefits for employees because of the money they are saving.

Companies such as Walmart and Starbucks have announced better wages for employees due to Republican tax reform. Now FedEx announces their financial plans in the wake of tax reform. This doesn’t mean FedEx wants to “help” their employees. It means the leadership know that they will be more productive with happy and better paid workers. Trump has given them the resources to invest in their workforce.

The IndyStar reports, “FedEx credits tax cuts for $1.5 billion expansion of Indianapolis hub.

FedEx is crediting the Republican tax cuts for its plans to invest $1.5 billion into its Indianapolis shipping hub, the company announced Friday.

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The Memphis-based carrier said it will expand its hub at the Indianapolis International Airport over the next seven years, though a representative reached by IndyStar declined to provide details on the scope of the project or potential new jobs created.


The Indianapolis announcement was among three commitments FedEx on Friday said it will undertake in the wake of the tax cuts. The company said it will invest more than $200 million to give employees raises in April, six months earlier than usual. Two-thirds of the compensation money will fund raises for hourly employees. The rest will go to raises based on performance. And FedEx said it will contribute $1.5 billion to its pension plan.

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