Federal Judge Refuses to Change Travel Ban

A Federal judge denied Hawaii’s emergency motion to broaden the exceptions the Supreme Court had made to the travel ban.

The great thing about this decision was that the Federal judge showed proper restraint. Unlike other judges that have presumed to second guess the President’s motives and have usurped the right to make national security decisions. In this case, rather than ruling as to whether grandparents constituted a proper exception, the Federal judge told them to ask the Supreme Court.

Hawaii News Now reports, “Federal judge turns back Hawaii’s motion on Trump’s travel ban.

The state’s emergency motion – denied on Thursday by Judge Derrick Watson in Honolulu – sought to make sure that the ban couldn’t be enforced against other family members, such as grandparents, aunts and uncles.

In his ruling, Watson reasoned that since the portion of the ban Hawaii was seeking to clarify was authored by the Supreme Court, the state’s lawyers should seek clarification directly from them.

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“This Court will not upset the Supreme Court’s careful balancing and “equitable judgment” … nor would this district court presume to substitute its own understanding of the stay for that of the originating Court’s “exercise of discretion and judgment,” said Watson.

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