Federal Agents Race to Save Children from Sex Slavery in the USA

When Americans talk about slavery we usually speak in the past tense (as in the Civil War) or we speak of foreign countries where chaos and violence reign. Sadly, the United States is still struggling with the horrors of slavery, even of the majority of Americans will never see it for themselves.

The reality of slavery in America made national news a few weeks ago when a 15-year old girl walked in to St. Louis’ Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital around 10:30 at night. Eventually she told federal agents that she and four other girls had been forced to have sex with men by Missouri residents Marcus Dewayne Thompson and his wife Robin Thompson.

The girl told the agents that the couple routinely beat and threatened the young girls in an effort to force them to comply. The 15-year old child even said that she had watched the Thompson’s feed one of the girls to alligators and had held the head of another girl as she died following a brutal beating.

The Thompsons had recruited the girls (all aged between 12 and 18) by promising them modeling jobs, jobs which they later learned did not exist.

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The Thompsons sold the girls in Orlando, Pensacola, Atlanta, Nashville, Dallas and St. Louis. Much of their evil business was conducted in Truck Stop parking lots using the Thompson’s own camper, or in seedy hotels.

Anti-sex trafficking advocate Kim Ritter explained that these horrible events actually happen a lot more often than we’d like to think. “It’s easy to take them in the car and drive. People won’t get suspicious. They take little girls and walk them from truck to truck, they call them lot lizards.”

The disgusting details of this case are sure to grow ever more enraging, but for now, our biggest consideration must be the safety of the children who are still missing. The authorities are in hot pursuit of the criminals who are holding these poor kids, and to be sure, our prayers are with them and their families. The Thompsons, on the other hand, deserve nothing but our anger. I hope that the Missouri legal system delivers the harshest penalties possible for this monstrous couple who so callously stole the lives of these innocent children.

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