FCC Chair Slams Net Neutrality Supporters: ‘Proven Wrong Day After Repeal’

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Ajit Pai slammed net neutrality supporters on Friday.

He said that just one day after it was repealed, internet users were still able to get on the internet and use it like normal. They were still able to send emails and use social media. Thus proving their unnecessary outcry as wrong.

Pai spoke about how people like Jimmy Kimmel were wrong in their stance as this being the end of “the internet as we know it.”

“He’s getting everything wrong about it,” Pai added, “The free and open internet we had prior to 2015 is the one we’re going to have going forward. And that kind of name-calling and hysteria is disappointing, but it’s not surprising.”

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“Those who have said the internet as we know it is about to end have been proven wrong starting this morning,” Pai continued, “as people send emails, check on their Twitter accounts, post on Facebook, and the like.”

“We have a free and open internet going forward,” he added,  “and the FCC and the FTC [Federal Trade Commission] going forward are going to make sure that happens.”

The net neutrality regulations that was implemented under Obama’s administration have been repealed with with a 3-2 vote.

Politico reports: 

The agency’s Republican majority approved a plan to scrap the rules preventing internet providers like Comcast and AT&T from blocking or slowing web traffic, or creating so-called paid internet fast lanes.

Instead, providers will be required to disclose their practices, with the FTC expected to police anti-competitive behavior.

The regulations that were in place prohibited internet providers from blocking certain websites or even charging more for “higher-quality service.”

Now high-speed internet will no longer be regulated like utility by the federal government.

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