FCC Chair Ajit Pai Trolls the Enemedia

The way Ajit Pai trolls his liberal opponents demonstrates he is worthy of his appointment by master troller Donald Trump.


The fact that Ajit Pai trolls his opponents the way he does indicates he’s caught on to the communication strategy of Donald Trump. Of course, the overall point here is a straightforward logical argument:

  1. We all used the internet just fine before the Obama FCC rules were impose in 2015.
  2. There was no noticeable difference in internet service after “net neutrality” was imposed.
  3. Therefore, the hysteria about ending the rules is unjustified.

The New York Times reports, “Doing the Harlem Shake, Ajit Pai as You’ve Never Seen Him Before.

There he is, Ajit Pai, the head of the Federal Communications Commission. He’s making his argument for repealing net neutrality rules by donning a Santa Claus suit, wielding a fidget spinner and a toy gun, wearing eclipse glasses, being silly.

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In a video released on Wednesday by the conservative website the Daily Caller, Mr. Pai takes a two-minute tour through five years of internet bait.

There are references to “Star Wars” and to “Game of Thrones.” There are puppies (though no unicorns), Instagrammed food, a selfie stick and the Harlem Shake, which, by the way, went viral back in February 2013.

Here’s a typical Leftist response to the video. The actually say that net neutrality was the reason we got internet coverage of what was going on in Ferguson. Wrong! Ferguson riots happened in 2014. The FCC didn’t impose “net neutrality” rules until well into 2015.

Read the entire NYT story.

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