Fauxcahontas Pretends Trump’s Nickname Is Worse Than Her Own Racial Exploitation

Fauxcahontas, otherwise known as Senator Elizabeth Warren, falsely accused Donald Trump of using a racial slur.

I like Fauxcahontas as a name for Elizabeth Warren better than Pocahontas because it emphasizes her deceit in claiming to be native American. But even though Pocahontas was a real native American in history, Disney popularized a fictional version of her.

Using the name of a famous fictional Indian to point out Warren’s dishonesty is in no way a racial slur.

The Washington Free Beacon reports, “Warren: Trump Will Not Silence Me by Using a ‘Racial Slur’ Like ‘Pocahontas.’

“It is deeply unfortunate that the President of the United States cannot even make it through a ceremony honoring these heroes without having to throw a racial slur,” Warren continued. “Donald Trump does this over and over thinking somehow he’s going to shut me up with it. It hadn’t worked in the past. It is not going to work in the future.”

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Trump has said he calls Warren “Pocahontas” in reference to her unsubstantiated claim to Cherokee heritage.

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