Fascist Liberal Secularists are Trying to Outlaw Christianity in America

Christians who apply their faith to the political arena are often described as “dominionists.” The claim is made that Christians want to use the power of government to have “dominion” over everyone. [score]Ted Cruz[/score] has been described as a dominionist because he believes that Christianity has something to say to about this world. This is anathema to competing dominionists. Liberal religionists have been applying their religious beliefs to the political arena for decades, but they are never described as dominionists. Secularists apply their secular faith to every area of life, and yet they are not described as dominionists. Who runs the banks, Federal Reserve, pre-school through 12th, courts, most of the media, most law schools, the entertainment industry, and most colleges and universities?

God and governmentThe secular dominionists are heirs of communist theorist Antonio Gramsci who argued that to change a society “would require a ‘long march through the institutions’—the arts, cinema, theater, schools, colleges, seminaries, newspapers, magazines, and the new electronic medium [at the time], radio.”1

Roger Kimball captures the tactic well in his book The Long March: How the Cultural Revolution of the 1960s Changed America: “The long march through the institutions signified in the words of [Herbert] Marcuse, ‘working against the established institutions while working in them’. By this means — by insinuation and infiltration rather than by confrontation — the counter-cultural dreams of radicals like Marcuse have triumphed.”2

While liberal religionists and secularists want to increase the authority and power of civil government and its courts, consistent Christians want to decrease the role civil government has taken on at all levels of society. Biblical government begins with the individual in self-government and includes families, churches, and civil governments. In this way, power is muted and decentralized. Secular dominionists don’t like this view of government because it does not allow them to use the power of government steal money from some people so they can give it to other people whereby the recipients of the stolen money keep them in power.

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This power is then used to stamp out all  competitors. Secular dominionists must stamp out every vestige of Christianity since it undercuts the secular faith’s claim that all can be explained in terms of the stuff of this world with nothing greater, more complete, or judgmental to appeal. Contrary to the Declaration of Independence, there is no appeal “to the Supreme Judge of the world” because man is his own judge.

Los Angeles sealWhen I say every vestige of Christianity must be expunged, I mean even the tiniest symbol. A federal court ruled on April 7, 2016 “that the Los Angeles County supervisors violated the Constitution in 2014 when they voted to restore a small cross to the county seal. The cross appeared on a depiction of a historic mission building.”

This isn’t the first time that judges have ordered such nonsense. “Three Christian crosses that stood on state property next to a scenic overlook in north San Diego County for decades were removed by California Department of Transportation workers. . .” (Source) Do you see the irony? The county of San Diego (Saint James). What’s the name of San Diego’s Major League baseball team?: The Padres! A Padre is a Roman Catholic priest.

The official emblem of the city of Las Cruces, New Mexico, is adorned with three crosses. A few years ago, a federal lawsuit alleged the crosses, which are religious symbols, are unconstitutional because they appear on public property. “The crosses serve no governmental purpose other than to disenfranchise and discredit non-Christian citizens,” said the lawsuit filed by Paul F. Weinbaum, a member of the recently formed local chapter of Americans United for Separation of Church and State, who lives in the Las Cruces area, and Martin J. Boyd of Las Cruces. For those not familiar with Spanish, “Las Cruces” means “the crosses.” So it seems rather appropriate that crosses would appear on an emblem that describes the city’s name.

In his book Las Cruces New Mexico, 1849–1999: Multicultural Crossroads, author Gordon Owen cited several stories about travelers in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries who were attacked and killed near the Rio Grande. The crosses marking their graves led city founders to adopt the name.

Even history must be expunged since it’s a rival symbol, a reminder of what our nation was.

If the presence of three crosses on a city seal is constitutionally suspect, then the city’s name should be changed as well. And let’s not stop with Las Cruces. Santa Fe (Holy Faith) St. Paul, Santa Barbara, San Francisco, Los Angeles (City of Angels), Bethel (“House of God”), Corpus Christi (“Body of Christ”), St. Louis, Providence, Bethlehem (“House of Bread,” the city where Jesus was born), and so many others should have to change.

Parishes of Louisiana have names like Assumption, Ascension, and St. John the Baptist. A county in Illinois is named Christian.

Then there are all fifty state constitutions that make reference to God or providence in their preambles. Let’s not forget the Declaration of Independence and its insistence that rights are an endowment from the Creator. The Constitution itself references Jesus Christ in its closing statement: “DONE in the year of our Lord. . . .” Give the secular dominionists time. They’ll get around to it like the Communists changed Saint Petersburg to Leningrad and how Islamists tear down every Christian symbol they come across in the advancement of their faith.

  • The town of Oak Park, Illinois, blocked a private Catholic hospital from erecting a cross on its own smokestack because, city councilors say, some local residents would be offended.
  • The Federal appeals court in Chicago declared that the city seal of Zion, Illinois, was unconstitutional. The seal displays the design Zion’s evangelical founder selected — a banner with the words “God Reigns” surrounded by images of a dove, a cross, a sword, and a crown.
  • In Idaho, the ACLU sued to remove religious references from public monuments and memorials.

The day may come when America, as an officially atheistic nation, decides to be consistent with its anti-God dogmatism perpetrated by dishonest and secularized lawyers in the name of the mythical “separation of church and state” dogma. If this ever happens, the restraining moral worldview of Christianity will no longer be around to stop tyrants who seek power for power’s sake. In that event, not even the secular dominionists will be safe.


Reposted with Permission from Constitution.com.

  1. Patrick J. Buchanan, Death of the West: How Dying Populations and Immigrant Invasions Imperil Our Country and Civilization (New York: St. Martin’s Press/Thomas Dunne Books, 2001), 77. []
  2. Roger Kimball, The Long March: How the Cultural Revolution of the 1960s Changed America (San Franciso: Encounter Books, 2000), 15. []

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