Fascist Britain Thinks Trump Should Be Arrested for Tweeting

The irony is that they think punishing people for saying what they think is true will prevent fascist Britain from becoming real.

Yesterday, I pointed out fascist Britain by claiming that the reason Theresa May so strongly condemned Donald Trump is that “she expects people to go to jail for putting stuff quite similar to that on social media.” After I posted I found confirmation: members of Parliament called for the arrest of Donald Trump for retweeting stuff.

These agents of fascist Britain who have been given political power in a country that used to be free actually believe they are fighting fascism by jailing people for wrong words. No, they’re erecting it.

The Sun reports, “A RIGHT DING DON: Theresa May blasts Donald Trump directly saying he shouldn’t have shared Britain First propaganda.

MPs called the President an “evil racist” and even called for him to be arrested as he clashed with Mrs May.

But Home Secretary Amber Rudd warned them to tone down their rhetoric, reminding the Commons that the special relationship has “undoubtedly saved British lives”.

She hinted that MPs’ attacks on Mr Trump risked harming US-UK relations and urged them to focus on “the bigger picture”.

Read the entire Sun story.

[And speaking of Fascism, I originally ended it with the video below by Paul Joseph Watson. I thought he was quite reasonable. But now it will no longer play as an embedded video. Instead, it will give you a link to YouTube.com. If you click on it, you get this:

Please watch the video to see what YouTube has to harass and censor in this way.

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