Family of Cop Killer Blame Officer for his own Murder

In a disgusting and heart-wrenching story from Indianapolis, Indiana we see the state of our society stripped to the bone.

In recent days we’ve seen stories about the families of criminals blaming everyone but the criminals for the events that have occurred. (For examples of this gross phenomenon see here, here and here.) I understand the desire to defend one’s family, friends or self from criticism – but we’re not talking about gossiping, or little lies or other seemingly inconsequential personality flaws. These people are making excuses for hardened criminals who are committing acts of terrible violence upon other people.

The latest example comes from Indianapolis, where a police officer was murdered by a violent thug who is also a well-known criminal.

This past weekend, Indianapolis PD Officer Perry Renn was sent to an Indianapolis neighborhood after police had been called about someone brandishing a rifle on the street. When Officer Renn arrived, he found Major Davis Jr. to be the man with the rifle. As he approached, Davis opened fire and Renn returned fire. Renn was critically injured in the shooting and died hours later in the hospital from his wounds.

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Now the family of Davis Jr. is blaming Renn for his own death.

pammooran“Major is not a bad person in spite of what happened. Things happen,” said Pam Moornan (grandmother to Davis’ children).

“It’s horrible about what took place, but, I mean, I don’t think it’s fair though for them to keep dragging him through the mud,” said Moornan.

“I don’t know how the police was shooting. I don’t know if they took concern of any kids running around,” said Yvonne Moornan.

The family did say it is sorry for Officer Renn’s family, but they said the tragedy may have been avoided if Officer Renn would’ve stayed at his car since he could see Davis had a gun.

Yeah. That’s what the police officer should have done. Stayed in his car.

The family also blamed the Indianapolis PD for Davis’ fear of the police. Saying that the IPD had killed Davis’ father.

“You don’t know what he been through with IMPD. We do. He’s scarred for life,” said his children’s grandmother, Pam Moornan.

“He wasn’t a bad person. His father was killed by IMPD. That is enough to hurt a person and scar him for life,” said Moornan.

“I imagine he figured they were going to try and kill him. I mean cause look what they did to his father,” said Moornan.

What they don’t mention is that both Davis Jr. and his father Davis Sr. had extensive criminal records. (Read about Davis Jr’s LONG criminal record here.) The self-appointed family spokesperson, Pam Moornan, also embellishes Davis Sr.’s death at the hands of the IPD. Mr. Davis Sr. actually died of a heart attack while in custody. But of course, the family blames the police for his death.

I wonder if they also blame the police for the many criminal activities undertaken by both father and son.

What’s happened to our culture, our society, when people are comfortable enough to say ridiculous things like these after a crime has been committed?

“Major is not a bad person in spite of what happened. Things happen… It’s horrible about what took place, but, I mean, I don’t think it’s fair though for them to keep dragging him through the mud.”

The guy just murdered a police officer! He has been arrested many different times for many different crimes – he is the very definition of a “bad” person.

Our hearts go out to the family of Officer Renn and to the men and women he served with in the Indianapolis Police Department. It is sad that Officer Renn’s death has been co-opted by the family of a vicious thug in their efforts to defend the indefensible.

We gladly pray for justice in this situation. If Davis Jr. did indeed murder Officer Renn, we hope that the Indiana Courts will mete out justice as swiftly and harshly as possible.

Watch the news report of the incident below…

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