Fake News Media Pretends Trump’s Immigration Policy Isn’t Popular

The President’s immigration policy takes border security seriously and enforces the law, just like many Americans want.

While the media attempts to convince you that Americans don’t want Trump’s immigration policy, the data shows otherwise. Breitbart.com published a summary of a recent poll’s results. They report, “Poll: 3:1 Public Support for Trump’s Push to End Catch-and-Release.

The Economist/YouGov poll of 1,500 adults was taken in mid-June. It shows that only 19 percent of Americans prefer the Democrats’ call to “release the [migrant] families and have them report back for an immigration hearing at a later date.”

The low score included only 17 percent of swing-voters and 7 percent of Republicans, 16 percent of blacks and 20 percent of Hispanics.

In contrast, 39 percent of swing-voters preferred the option of “Hold families together in family detention centers until an immigration hearing at a later date.” Another 18 percent favored separating the families and placing the children in shelters run by a government agency or in “juvenile detention centers.”

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The poll shows a 17 percent vs. 58 percent split among independents against the Democratic Party’s easy-migration view, with another 25 percent hiding their views.

That poll likely understates public opposition to the Democrats’ “catch and release” policy. The question gently described the migrants as “families  …. without proper documentation,” and 17 percent of respondents declined to answer the question. Many people hide views they believe to be unpopular under “don’t know” or “not sure” answers.

But progressives are determined to preserve the catch-and-release policies that they helped created under President Barack Obama, and which allowed 400,000 migrants to get work-permits and a huge number of under-educated children fit into overcrowded American schools in working-class districts.

Democratic mega-donor Tom Steyer, for example is funding a TV ad which portrays children at the border’s migrant-processing facilities as the prisoners of Trump’s “child interment camps.”

Read the full Breitbart story.

Mollie Hemingway writes at The Federalist, “Trump’s Immigration Policies Are Actually Pretty Popular.”

The Economist/YouGov poll shows an American electorate far more serious about border enforcement than what the media conversation would indicate. […] more Americans support treating the illegal crossing of the border as a criminal matter than a civil matter. Among Republicans, that percentage who support treating illegal border crossing as a criminal matter goes up to 74 percent. The poll also shows that 80 percent of Republicans support a border wall, 62 percent support deportation for all those in the country illegally, and 74 percent think that illegally crossing the border should be handled as a criminal matter.

If you get your news from the mainstream media, you’d think the American people were demanding lax border enforcement, when it’s the exact opposite. Again, this is particularly true of Republicans. While Republicans who oppose this policy dominate most right-of-center space on cable TV and in the media, only 4 percent of actual adults who identify as Republican strongly disapprove of the policy of jailing illegal border crossers. Some 85 percent of Republicans support either Trump’s executive order for family detention or something stricter. Only 7 percent oppose all such detentions.

The poll also shows that only 8 percent of American voters think illegal immigration is not a serious problem.

Read the entire post.

The media is doing everything they can to psych out the American people and convince each person who wants the laws enforced that he or she is part of a tiny minority.

Don’t believe it!

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