The Failed Presidency of Barack Hussein Obama

So, the election is over… a pretty clean sweep of historic measures by the Republicans. The victory results were made of up mainstream Republicans, Tea Party, and disgruntled Democrats and Independents. But what did this election really mean?

If you still listen to Barack Obama, sometimes he actually tells the truth. He says this election was all about his and the Democrats policies: “ I am not on the ballot this fall.  Michelle’s pretty happy about that.  But make no mistake: these policies are on the ballot.  Every single one of them.” 

What policies would those be?

Obamacare and the lies the POTUS and the Democrats sold to the American people that passed by one single Democrat vote in the House, and without one single Republican vote in either the Senate or the House,

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The failed Obama foreign policies:

1. in regards to Isis whom he called “JV” (or Junior Varsity as opposed to Varsity) just a year ago? The same group that has claimed responsibility for beheading Americans? The same group that has executed 1000’s of Iraqi’s and overrun the very ground our soldiers sacrificed their blood and tears on for 13 years?

2. in regards to Putin and their insurgence into Crimea and the Ukraine (“don’t make me tell you again, Vlad…I mean it this time, Vlad…for the last time, Vlad…or there will be serious consequences, we might freeze a few assets of people” meanwhile Putin just mocks and scoffs in America’s face…and let’s not forget that Putin was the one whom Obama told he would have “more flexibility” after the 2012 election to deal with disarming our allies. Why would Obama trust a communist?

3. in regards to the Islamic jihad all over the world and in countries who are some of our closest allies by Al Qaeda, Al Shabob, Al Nusra, Boka Haram, Hezbollah and Hamas, etc. which his team dances around calling it what it is even when jihadists attack us here (in the case of Ft Hood, the terrorist bombing in Boston which was never designated a terrorist activity). In fact, his administration has armed and aided some of these organizations.

4. in regards to the use of chemical weapons in Syria…the “ the use of chemical weapons will be a redline for us”; but then it apparently it wasn’t because Assad actually used chemical weapons on people in Syria last fall and winter and Obama backpeddled from that claim stating he never said any such thing, the world did…well, that was another lie, of course.


Obama FailureThe failed immigration policies which were conveniently covered up and the oft repeated lies about how many people were being deported. The only reason those numbers were up was because this administration chose to define those turned around at the border as “deportations”. He also signed his executive order DACA signed in 2012 just in time for the election, which, as predicted, opened the flood gates of illegals from Central America this past year, these people and children being ferreted all over the US with diseases which have actually killed American children, not to mention Tuberculosis and other diseases. According to reports, he is readying more executive action to bypass Congress and allow even more illegals to come and those who are here, to stay.

Then we have the failed Obama economic policies. He stated that we had to “level the playing field”. His way of doing that was to take from every single American even from the very poorest people (through the payroll tax increases – and others) through taxation and give to others. Hard work is not rewarded but castigated and mocked by him and his fellow Marxists – such as sneeringly saying “you didn’t build that”. That line has been used by Elizabeth Warren; and most recently, Hillary Clinton had her own moment where the mask came off and she actually showed the contempt she has for the American way by stating the same belief but in a different way – “don’t let anyone tell you that businesses and corporations create jobs”.

America has the most people on welfare ever, the fewest people working since the Jimmy Carter era, the weakest recovery ever, the middle class has contracted, not expanded. While the president touts the recovery (such as it is), the truth is, the jobs being added to this economy are 3 to 1 part time jobs due, in part, to the regulations and costs of Obamacare. Let us not forget that in all of this Obama has amassed over 7 trillion dollars in debt, and by the time he finishes office, if the brakes are not applied, he will have accumulated as much or more debt that all the other presidents combined.

Last, but not least, we have the IRS targeting of individuals and groups and the lies and stonewalling about those actions, the 4 Americans who died in Benghazi and the bald-faced lies we were told about how that happened and why, the Ebola lies and the sheer incompetence there. Then there was the unconstitutional exchange of a soldier who basically walked away from his unit in Afghanistan for five top level, American hating, hardened Al Quesada fighters from Guantanamo Bay who will no doubt return to the fight if they already haven’t.

These are some of the policies that Barack Obama said were on the ballot…and as he likes to say, “make no mistake”, they were; and indeed the people have soundly rejected those policies.

As night comes to day on Wednesday morning, after these historic losses, the narrative will now shift. See, to Obama, his policies never really were on the ballot, he just said that to scare his base into going to vote because he himself was afraid of the tidal wave coming his way to him and his party…not even the permission of fried chicken for all from Michelle could change the repudiation of the will of the American people where nearly 66% say we are headed in the wrong direction.

The narrative will now shift, according to Tom Brokaw (conceding defeat even before the elections were held), as to what do the Republicans have to do to compromise with the Democrats and Obama. What? The question and the false narrative are simply astounding! Why should they compromise at all with Obama and the Democrats? They won by running against the very policies Obama said were on the ballot! That’s what happens when you lose –the losers are the one who have to make the adjustments, not the victors. Mr. “I will not negotiate” Obama and the Democrats, who lost by historic measures on Nov 4, 2014, in another epic renunciation of Democratic policies, will have to compromise and meet the Republicans, and not the other way around. I just hope the Republicans are up for the challenges ahead, because the Democrats and Obama are not very gracious in winning, let alone losing.

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