Failed Ability is the Reason for Income Inequality



Liberals think that conservative people are fascists.

That is fascist of them.

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So if liberals are fascists what are fascists?



So Jonah Goldberg was right in “Liberal Fascism.”

Civilization ends with kindness and a kiss.


Welfare ends in a ditch

And jealousy is the warfare of those who want

What they didn’t earn.


Do-gooders bring on the Apocalypse.

Intentions fail,

Trying is to no avail.


Income inequality is unequal income

But it is the outgrowth of failed ability and

Failed work.


There is no such thing really as income inequality

Except as a result of laziness or stupidity.


I’m sorry your brains are inadequate to the task.

Don’t blame the money on the money.


Blame your failure on your lack of intelligence or

As Milli Vanilli

Said “Blame it on the Rain.”


(Image from the People’s Cube.)


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