FAIL: Trump’s Lead Could INCREASE After Recount Efforts!

The bad news just keeps on rolling for the Democrat Party and Hillary Clinton’s (dead in the water) campaign for President.

Riding the coattails of Green Party candidate Jill Stein’s attempts to get a recount in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin, the Clinton team hoped Stein’s recount effort might help them get back into (the already over) race. Sadly for the Democrats, this exercise seems to have been more about Stein’s callous efforts to continue fundraising than it ever was about upending Donald Trump’s election victory. In fact, the entire proceeding seems to have been counterproductive for the liberals.


The state of Wisconsin has released its final worksheet from their recount and Donald Trump extended his victory by an extra 162 votes.

  • Total votes: 2,941,034 (+1,741 from Election Night, 0.0592% change rate)
  • Final Trump lead: 22,779 (+162 from Election Night)
  • Trump added votes in recount: 874
  • Clinton added votes in recount: 712
  • Stein added votes in recount: 66
  • Johnson added votes in recount: 74


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In Michigan things could end up even worse for Clinton/Stein than they did in Wisconsin.

A full 1/3 of the precincts in Wayne County, Michigan may be disqualified from the Michigan recount. Wayne County sided heavily with Hillary Clinton on Election Day, and the precincts at risk of not being counted come from the most heavily Democratic portions of the county in Detroit.

Presumably, Clinton’s best opportunity to eliminate that margin rested in finding uncounted ballots in Wayne County, which she carried by a 2-1 ratio.

Disqualifying huge numbers of precincts would make it “almost impossible” for the former New York senator to make up the votes, said Ernest Johnson, a Democratic political activist who worked to get out the vote for Clinton.

“It’s a real long-shot now because, if I were looking for 10,000 votes, the first place I’d look is Wayne County,” Johnson said. “That’s a huge problem. … But if anything good comes of this it brings up this problem (with voting machines) that needs to be corrected.”

Without the heaviest Democrat-voting areas in Detroit (and Flint too), it will be nigh impossible for Hillary Clinton to find the number of votes she would need to flip Michigan to her side.


Not that any of this matters though, because Stein was denied her recount in Pennsylvania, and without the Keystone State… this entire Quixotic endeavor is a non-starter. Stein needed to flip all three states to the Clinton column in order to unseat President-elect Trump, so a federal judge’s recent decision to dismiss Stein’s request for a recount in Pennsylvania makes the entire effort moot.

The judge was not kind in his dismissal, taking Stein and her cohorts to task for their attempt to game the system, waste the hard-earned dollars of Pennsylvania’s taxpayers, and disenfranchise “some six million” voters.

A federal judge on Monday rejected a motion for a recount, saying “there is no credible evidence that any ‘hack’ occurred” and that evidence showed Pennsylvania’s voting system “was not in any way compromised.”

U.S. District Judge Paul S. Diamond blasted what he called a “prejudicial delay” in seeking a recount, saying it could not be done at this late date without “inexcusably disenfranchising some six million Pennsylvania voters.”

You can read Judge Diamond’s decision here.

All in all, a pretty terrible result for Stein, Clinton, and the Democrat Party. They’ve wasted millions of taxpayer dollars, they’ve wasted millions of dollars donated to the recount effort by the poor saps who believed in them, and they’ve damaged the reputation and the efficacy of our electoral system (which is still the best, most fair system on this planet). I for one am happy that our liberal opponents continue to be an utter train wreck of continuous failure. It only serves as more evidence of the futility of liberal policy and practice.

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