FAIL: Al Gore Blames California Wildfires on “Climate Change”…Then Police Nab Arsonist

Never let a crisis go to waste. As California wildfires consumed hundreds of homes and tens of thousands of acres of land, Al Gore thought it would be a good idea to use the tragedy as an opportunity to push global warming. But then, police nabbed the man responsible for the fires, and he’s facing 17 counts of arson.

For years, climate alarmists had warned that as the planet continued to heat up as a result of increasing carbon emissions, extreme weather events – as well as droughts, floods, and wildfires – would increase in frequency and severity.

Now, anytime there’s a flood, they blame global warming. Anytime there’s a drought, they blame global warming. Wildfires? Same thing.

In response to the California wildfires, Al Gore tweeted out late last month that “California is experiencing the type of wildfire season that is symptomatic of a warming planet.” In his tweet, he linked to an article tying the wildfires to climate change:

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The article explained:

The drought-fueled blaze was explosive, fast-moving and devastating, burning through 38,000 acres in the Santa Clarita Valley and forcing the evacuation of more than 10,000 homes.

It added that while these most recent wildfire episodes haven’t been the state’s largest or worst, “they’re part of a dire global warming-fueled trend toward larger, more frequent and intense wildfires.”

Ironically, the headline of the article was “Climate Change’s Fingerprints All Over California Wildfires.” Actually, it wasn’t climate change’s fingerprints all over them, but rather the fingerprints of one Damin Pashilk – a 40-year-old from Clearlake – who had been under police investigation for about a year. He’s now facing 17 counts of arson for the recent Clayton fire as well as others that raged last year.

I doubt that this news will have any effect on Al Gore’s opinion that every unfavorable thing that happens is a result of manmade global warming. It’s a little too inconvenient.


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