Fact-Check: ‘Republican’ Featured in Hillary ad Actually a Longtime Democratic Donor [VIDEO]

From the Daily Caller News Foundation:

The “Republican” featured in an ad released by Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s campaign Monday in an attempt to attract GOP voters has been donating to Democrats since 2004.

The 30-second television spot, which is set to air in key swing states, features former Reagan administration official Doug Elmets, who spoke at the Democratic National Convention, discussing how he can’t vote for Republican nominee Donald Trump despite having voted for the party in the past.

“When I see him bullying people trying to divide us, that’s not the kind of country I want my kids to grow up in, so I’m putting party aside and voting for Hillary Clinton,” he tells the camera. “I don’t agree with Hillary on everything, but know she has the judgment and the experience and she knows you need to bring people together to get things done.


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Despite the claim he’s new to throwing his support behind Democrats, campaign finance documents indicate otherwise.

The now-lobbyist gave $250 to former California State Assemblyman Johan Klehs and another $250 to failed California assembly candidate Roger Dickenson in 2004.

In 2006, Elmets again decided to throw financial support behind Democrats, this time giving $500 to Dave Jones’s campaign for state assembly for California’s 9th district and another $250 toward Democrat Janet Reilly’s assembly campaign.

The pattern continued in 2010 when he decided to give a $1,000 to Montana Sen. Jon Tester’s campaign and an additional $100 to Dickenson. In 2014 he once again gave$100 toward a Democrats state assembly race, this time Darrell Fong.

Unsurprisingly, Elmets dumped $1,000 into Clinton’s campaign during the 2016 election cycle.

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