Fact-Based Liberal Reporting & Petty-Criminal Eric Garner: May Both Rest in Peace

“Sin has many tools, but a lie is the handle that fits them all.”  —Oliver Wendell Holmes

It Was Not a Chokehold

The liberal media are lying to you.  It was not a chokehold.  Indeed, “It wasn’t a chokehold” are the opening words of a New York Post report written by Bo Dietl, dated August 14, 2014.  So the truth had been out in the matter of Eric Garner for almost four months before the grand jury came back with a no-bill in the case, deciding that no prosecution of Officer Daniel Pantaleo was warranted.  “That’s just the biggest single distortion in all the talk about the Eric Garner case, in which the public has been misinformed and misled from the start,” continues Dietl.  The chokehold prevarication is, in other words, the Big Lie here, just as the “hands up, don’t shoot” fiction was the Big Lie in Ferguson (it just never happened, according to eye-witnesses—many of whom were black).

Dietl, who made 1,400 arrests in his day on the NYPD, reports that officers responded appropriately to complaints about Garner.  When he resisted arrest, they followed established NYPD protocol.  Police are required to be fast in gaining control of a perpetrator and getting him into custody, in order to minimize any chance that he might harm himself or others.

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Garner was 6-foot-3 and over 350 pounds.  Thus, the headlock used to bring him down was appropriate.  NYPD uses thousands of headlocks every year, generally reserved for use when individuals resist arrest.  There was no pressure exerted on the windpipe of Eric Garner; the headlock never did degenerate into any kind of a “chokehold.”

Asthma & Heart Problems Killed Garner

Eric GarnerIf you watch a Youtube video of the incident carefully, you will see that the officer did put his arm around Garner’s neck to bring him down, but Garner, once downed, was breathing and able to say aloud that he could not breathe.  At this point, officers called for paramedics.  Unfortunately, the emergency medical personnel did not give Mr. Garner oxygen, nor did they find out he was asthmatic.

The final autopsy, according to reports, found heart disease and obesity to be complicating factors that exacerbated the excitement of his asthma.  A black female police officer who was present at the take-down did not protest that there was anything wrong with what happened in terms of technique or in terms of racism against Garner.  The grand jury could find no criminal intent, nor any negligence on the part of the police officer, since he followed standard operating procedure to accomplish the arrest; thus no indictment is called for.  It was not Garner’s right to disobey a peace officer’s lawful order.

Death & Taxes

One might argue that a crackdown on the selling of “loosies”—loose cigarettes, sold one at a time, as Eric Garner was doing when arrested—is ridiculous, but the policy of enforcing minor laws is in place to make sure that the community does not become more dangerous than it already is.  If the specific policy in question—of arresting people who sell “loosies” while letting marijuana dealers go free—is wrong, that is not the fault of the cop on the beat.

So, the question you might wish to ask is this: Why are the police asked to issue citations to marijuana dealers while simultaneously being asked to arrest illicit cigarette dealers?  The answer to this question is as follows: Illegal drug pushers are not thwarting tax collectors, but illegal cigarette dealers are!  If Mayor de Blasio and the City of New York were not so eager to aggressively enforce the city’s tax laws, perhaps Eric Garner would still be alive today.

Cross-Cultural Cooperation

Bo Dietl and many others are quick to point out that the police are not white or black or brown, they are a united brotherhood.  A recent poll in New York City indicates that 78% of New Yorkers think that their police force is doing a good job.  Racism does not appear to be much of an issue.  Indeed, 53% of New York cops are minorities.  There is absolutely no way that anybody can work as one of New York’s finest and be significantly racist.  Forced to work with others on the force, whose cooperation will be desperately needed in life-threatening emergencies, officers must be able to work as equals with other officers, no matter what their ethnicities might be.  Earning the respect of law-abiding New Yorkers requires many of the same interpersonal problem-solving skills, and at an even higher level than is necessary with one’s friends on the force.

The Thin Blue Line

The police are only human.  Because of this, they cannot be perfect.  But is it really desirable to demonize their police work in the most crime-ridden areas?  What police officer is going to want to respond rapidly to crimes in black neighborhoods, knowing that any interaction that could result in death to the criminal will, at the same time, ruin the life of the officer as well?  The delay in response times that could ensue may very well mean that fewer Michael Browns or Eric Garners die, but it might also mean that more law-abiding blacks living in these areas will end up dying at the hands of criminals that will not be stopped as often.  This will result in more overall deaths for African Americans—fewer deaths for criminals, however, and more deaths for good citizens.

The police have been referred to in the past as the “Thin Blue Line.”  Do we really want the police to spread themselves thinner than ever, when it comes to policing our black communities?  Without equal protection and due-process rights for the police—and with a rush to judgment by politicians and reporters—there will be no equal protection for our minority communities, with respect to law enforcement.  What a sad legacy this would be for the politicians and media that are inciting demonstrators to riot, based on the disparagement of grand jury verdicts made by jurors who have heard accurate evidence given, in contrast to the lies our race-baiting media have reported.

Indeed, it was not a chokehold.  But factual reporting no longer seems to matter to liberal media outlets.  What a shame that the American media have, for the most part, abandoned their tradition of factual reporting for an ethic of sycophantic political propagandizing!  What a loss to the country of a once-proud culture of credible journalism!

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