Facistbook Bans Conservative for Posting Laughing Emojis

Facebook, or as I like to say: Fascistbook, is in the business of silencing Conservatives in any way, shape, or form they can.

I was banned for a week about a year ago when I shared a screenshot of what someone said to me. I was warning other girls not to speak to him, because he was rude and vulgar and made unwanted advances. I felt like I was wrongly punished for that, but I served my time and left it alone.

Today, however, I was banned again. This time, for the life of me, I cannot pinpoint why.

Here’s what happened:

  1. I opened Facebook and was prompted to log back in because my “session had expired”
  2. I logged in
  3. I immediately had a message from Facebook stating that I had violated their community standards with my post, and showed me the post they had removed (Pictured below)

4. Then when I clicked “continue,” I had a lengthy message explaining to me that I had been banned for the next 7 days.

Of course I reported that they made a mistake because, well, who gets in trouble for laughing emojis? Could it have something to do with the fact that I am a Conservative? How about the fact that I posted a photo of myself in a Trump hat just an hour earlier with a quote by Ronald Reagan, or that my profile picture has the American flag in it, or that I share Conservative things?

Facebook is working overtime to censor and silence Conservatives. They had not one valid argument in banning me for anything I post because I do not curse, I do not share vulgar things, and I do not share hateful things.

While there are those out there posting nearly naked photos (or completely naked in some cases), posting about how they want to kill cops, or even about how they hope the president of our country is assassinated….people like me are being silenced. This makes no sense.

I completely understand that people will not have the same opinions. I am friends with many people who are not Conservative, and while there is little common ground, there are many things that we agree to disagree on.

For example, I am extremely pro-life. I believe that every person should have an opportunity to live. There are many people out there who are pro-choice and believe abortions should be legal. Although I will never agree with that, I do not think those people should be silenced.

Our first amendment protects our freedom of speech. Although Facebook is a private business that we choose to use, I think they are taking their authority overboard.


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