Facebook’s Zuckerberg Just Doesn’t “Get” Immigration



Harvard dropout Mark Zuckerberg should drop out of his Jewish la-la land and quit criticizing Trump for trying to control the refugee invasion.


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Skinny Zuckerberg, imitating a tough guy like Mike Tyson, criticizes “fearful voices for building walls and distancing people they view as others.”


Why is it that weaklings like Obama and Zuckerberg are always calling others cowards?


Maybe he’d like to give mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to some of the dead at San Bernardino or at Bataclan in Paris.


He founded the social network.  An invasion of personal space and an intrusion in the hippity hop of brain waves.  A useful gimmick but ultimately a distraction for superficial people.


He had the nerve to say something as corny as, “instead of building walls, we can help build bridges.”  Yes he wants to welcome dangerous refugees and immigrants to kill our people while he hides behind his billion dollar walls.


He then carries on, “It takes courage to choose hope over fear….Whether we are welcoming a refugee fleeing war or an immigrant seeking opportunity.”


Nice verbal diarrhea. But it takes more courage to stop a murderer from entering our country and killing one of our daughters than to invite them in and turn our backs to the reality of their terrorism.


Death is not proud.  But it results from failing to take a stand against potential killers.

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