Facebook Bans Hunting Pictures – But Allows a Page Calling for the Murder of a Girl

If you’ve been paying attention to social media news of late, you may have heard the story of a young girl who posted some pictures of herself on a hunting trip. Liberals got especially angry at a picture of the High School age girl posing with the lion that she killed.

In response, Facebook has decided that posting hunting pictures of animals killed during said hunts will no longer be tolerated. The problem is not the legality of the hunt – as none of the animals that were killed were endangered — the problem is that hunting is apparently no longer politically correct.

Hunting offends Facebook’s sensibilities.

However, you’ll be pleased to learn that you can create a page calling for the murder of a specific individual and you will be completely within Facebook’s standards.

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No. I am not kidding.

This is Facebook’s “Kill Kendall Jones” Community page…



If you’re wondering if people have complained… yes, some people have complained. Our friend Doug Giles has screen grab of Facebook’s response to those complaints. Let’s just say Facebook doesn’t care about our complaints.

What kind of a country do we live in when it is politically incorrect to partake in a completely legal activity that millions of people enjoy every day (hunting), but it is totally okay to call for the murder of a human being?

What kind of twisted morality disapproves of hunting animals, but is sees no problem with terrorizing a person?

Liberal morality. This is just a perfect example of what happens when a society embraces liberal philosophy and social morality.

We are headed in a disgusting direction, folks. Facebook’s double standard is just the start…

(HatTip to Doug Giles and Clash Daily.)

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