Fabio Weighs in on Liberals Destroying California [VIDEO]

Fabio was that long-haired pretty boy who graced the cover of just about every romance novel in the 80s and 90s. Oh yeah, and he also did the ‘I Can’t Believe it’s Not Butter’ commercials.

I must say, he kind of surprised me. He doesn’t fit the stereotype of model. You know, all body and no brains. Maybe he’s just grown up since his modeling days.

Tucker Carlson had him on his show to talk about California, where Fabio currently resides. The Italian-born model said that while he loved living in the left coast when he first moved there about 14 years ago, the place has descended into a hotbed of liberalism.

He specifically mentioned Proposition 57, which was purportedly about releasing nonviolent criminals back into society, because the state couldn’t afford to keep them in their overstuffed prisons.

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Fabio said that’s not who was actually released. He said the state just ended up releasing child molesters, assaulters, and other violent criminals back into the public, who predictably kept doing what they had been incarcerated for in the first place.

Even he was burglarized last month, and about 14 within his circle of friends.

He quoted Governor Jerry Brown who defended the proposition when it was the target of a lawsuit brought by the state prosecutors:  “It’s perplexing why these DAs would deny the people of California their right to vote on this important public safety measure,” the Governor said.

That quote from the Governor left Fabio quite ‘perplexed.’

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