Explosive Documentary Uncovers the Truth about Abortion that is Shaking the Nation

Article by Dr. Joel McDurmon, Reposted with Permission from American Vision.

Finally, an explosive documentary on abortion that bars no holds. My friend and video/camera/editor/producer extraordinaire-wizard Marcus Pittman has collaborated with seasoned pastors, activists, and theologians to produce the most hard-hitting presentation of the reality of abortion in (across!) America I’ve seen. It is called Babies are Murdered Here. #BAMH

You can watch the entire documentary for free (see below).

Unless you’ve been on the front lines of the abortion issue and seen all of its grievous faces, this video will shock you—and hopefully move you to faithful action as well.

Let me explain a couple things. When I say this video shows the many grievous faces of abortion, I’m mean much more than what you probably think. When people normally speak of how “gruesome” abortion is, they’re normally speaking of the actual physical tearing and crushing of the baby’s body. That much is definitely true, no doubt. But there is more to it: there are also deep depths of depravity, deception, lies, intimidation, bullying, rage, mental illnesses, nightmares that last lifetimes, and trauma (both physical and mental), not to mention the fact that God promises to bring judgment upon the land for this type of social sin (just as He did the Canaanites and later the Israelites, too).

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While all of the brave preachers and activists who appear in this video are very noteworthy and inspiring, I was especially impressed by R.C. Sproul, Jr. This may be the finest delivery of his career. For those of you who know RC, the abortion issue has always been close to his heart. Without meaning to gush, I think he absolutely shines in presenting it here. He personifies the point of the movie: calm, collected, passionate, informed, serious, manly, delivering the truth. We don’t “scream and yell” right! But we don’t tip-toe around and euphemize either. There is a third way—a biblical way. You name the sin, you call out the sin, and you call for repentance. So when I say this is hard-hitting and explosive, I do not mean “in your face.” I mean, simply, brave and true in a world that fears and loathes bravery and truth. RC is featured all through the presentation, and the truth, the unvarnished truth, gets told.

In particular, what you see in this film is a grand busting of the greatest taboo/myth/lie (call it what you will) of the mainstream pro-life industry: the emotionally-driven pretense that abortion is not murder, and that abortionists are not murderers. Along with this—almost industry wide—comes a virtual policy of refusal to call abortion what it is: murder. And along with this comes a strident, entrenched fight to refuse to call mothers who abort their babies “murderers.” No, indeed, as one man interviewed in the documentary puts it: “That’s too harsh.”

This could be the revelation that best describes the failure of all of modern evangelicalism: Emotion trumps God’s Law.

Instead, when it comes to actual abortions, the mainstream pro-life movement assumes that every young lady who has ever gotten an abortion has been deceived into believing that her pregnancy is just a lump of tissue and not a baby. Therefore, the industry maintains, every woman getting an abortion can be exonerated as “deceived” and therefore not culpable for murder or any act of aggression against here child. Murder requires intent, after all, and therefore these ladies cannot be called murderers and held accountable.

BAMH explodes this myth. Relating personal testimony, eyewitness testimony, and argument, it relates that the vast majority of aborting mothers—even the young ones—know exactly what they are doing. They are killing, murdering, their child.

In one case, a young lady defiantly taunts a group of protestors yelling, with middle-fingers raised, “Yes! That’s what I do! I murder babies!” It’s not a joke. It’s not sacrcasm. She clearly understands what she’s doing, and sees no wrong with it. She’s quite proud of it.

In another scene, the father of an obviously teen daughter is escorting her into an abortion clinic. He becomes enraged at an activist who does nothing but calmly preach from the sidewalk. The preacher is persistent. The father fumes, curses, threatens. He demands the preacher shut up. Not one more word, or else! Then he storms the preacher with the threat to assault him—although it is not clear from the angle if he actually followed through with violence.

What’s the issue? The father of this aborting daughter does not want to hear the truth, although he knows it’s true. This is murder. Yes, but, “It’s none of your d*** business.”

These people, and many more like them, know exactly what they are doing. They just want to cover up, hide, run from, deny, euphemize their murder.

The mainstream pro-life industry is actually willing to help them. And the abortion centers are happy to let it. The pro-life industry is essentially helping and perpetuating abortion through its soft-handed approach and refusal to name sin.

For some career activists, it would actually be a shame to end abortion. So, the arrangement is profitable to both sides. Call it the abortion-pro-life-industrial complex.

In part of the movie, a well-known mainstream activist is speaking in a church, condemning (in a loving tone, of course) those other activists who call abortion murder, and call abortioners murderers. She paints these people as extremists completely devoid of compassion—it’s an obvious attempt to distance herself while marginalizing and demonizing them.

You see, it’s that emotion thing again. These extremist activists lack compassion: they’re too harsh. If we could only be nicer, and tone-down those words, like “murder.” It takes the harsh law out and fills the world with grace.

And the abortions continue. “Grace, grace. . . . God’s grace. . . .”


The mainstream pro-life movement has perpetuated this compassionate program now for 40 years—an entire generation. And the compassionate abortions continue.

I have a suggestion. The mainstream, compassionate pro-lifers should adopt this motto: “Kill them with kindness.”

It’s a delusional lie. Indeed, a murderous lie. Some of the aborting mothers are young Christian girls, and these especially, according to eyewitnesses, know exactly what they are doing. By their own admission, these young professing Christians are killing their children. And how do they cope with this? Like this:

“We know that we can be forgiven.”

And that’s the power of the refusal, in the name of compassion and grace, to call sin sin and murder murder. The fornication continues, the murder continues, and the lies to cover it all up continue. It covers murder with lies and thus breeds something worse: premeditated murder. Worse: premeditated murder for which one expects to be forgiven and ushered into heaven.

Kill them with kindness. Grace, grace.

It is far beyond time to wake up to the realities and speak plainly on this issue. BAMH does this so well. It is nothing like what you expect. The preachers are calm, even when passionate about the issue, and even when confronted with threats and abuse. It is the abortionists and reactions to protestors that get irate, hateful, destructive, violent. But BAMH also shows how effective telling the truth is. Some mothers actually change their minds. Some repent. Abortions are stopped. Babies are rescued. Men and women stand bravely, weathering the storms of rage, curses, threats, and continue to speak the full unvarnished truth. And when they do, changes begin to occur.

God blesses those who bravely speak the truth, even to their own hurt.

But modern evangelicalism is so squeamish and cowardly it can’t face up. It is so timid, it grows corrupt. Its own compromises with evil soon become its own policies—then its own mission. Eventually, it not only refuses to speak the truth, it begins to refuse to let the truth be spoken. It will fight and condemn other who do dare speak the whole truth. At that point, it has become complicit in the sins of the enemy.

To give you an example: when BAMH was gathering support and endorsements from other ministries, one of the few major evangelical ministries approached at first refused to endorse it or advertise it. Why? They did not like some of the content in which abortionists show their true colors. They demanded Marcus edit-out scenes where fathers threatened the activists with violence, where the young lady flipped-off the activists and admitted “murder,” and where liberals said they wanted to blow up churches to stop their activism. “Take these scenes out, and then we might endorse it,” was the message.

abortionmolechSorry boys, it ain’t gonna happen.

They finally agreed to endorse the film, but only with a disclaimer.

And if I told you the name of this large evangelical ministry, you would be shocked. I won’t for various reasons, but they know who they are, and they should be ashamed of their cowardly selves—especially since they’ve created a public image as brave, confrontational street preachers and apologists! For some reason, suddenly they want to cover for the true evils of the abortioners.

But finally, someone is willing to publish the truth without compromise. Every Christian needs to see Babies are Murdered Here to see the real faces of the abortion-life-industrial-complex, and to see the message that will be needed to overcome it. This will move you. It may shock you. Hopefully, it will inspire you to action.

And from what I know, this is just the tip of the ice berg. There is so much more to cover in the future. The complex has many tentacles reaching into many areas of life. Some of the areas in which Christian compromises are covering for rank sin will make your jaw drop. Almost all of it stems from our devaluing of the fifth, sixth, eighth, and ninth commandments. In short, the refusal to uphold God’s Law as the standard for all of life—and instead to make a series of compromises here and there—has largely been the downfall of our culture. The refusal, especially among Christians and Christian leadership, to take seriously the Fifth and Sixth commandments has led to the larger social abuse of the Eighth and Ninth as well.

It will take something like a BAMH to begin to wake us back up. Please, watch it, and help wake up the Christian world.

Visit the website: http://crownrights.org/babies/

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[Note: An earlier edition of this article noted that a large evangelical ministry refused to endorse BAMH. They did finally come around. The current edition reflects this reality.]

Article by Dr. Joel McDurmon, Reposted with Permission from American Vision.





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