Ex-NYT Editor: Establishment Can’t See Establishment Threats

I don’t have much sympathy for Jill Abramson. The fact that was hired to be the New York Times editor and kept that job for three years.

Jill Abramson points to Ocasio-Cortez and Trump as establishment threats that the New York Times was blind to.

I don’t have much sympathy for Jill Abramson, considering the fact that she was hired to be the New York Times editor and kept that job for three years. But she has a point that the New York Times didn’t seem to know who Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was, and that is somewhat comparable to their easy assurance that Donald Trump could not possibly beat Hillary Clinton.

Indeed, Donald Trump points out that Democratic establishment favorite Joe Crowley wasn’t that impressive, which reminds me too of Hillary Clinton’s unattractive appearance, voice, and manners.

Her victory also was like David Bratt’s Tea Party victory over Eric Cantor. The GOP establishment didn’t see that coming either.

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The Daily Beast reports, “Jill Abramson, Ex-New York Times Editor: The ‘Narcissistic’ NYT Is Making ‘Horrible Mistakes,’ Needs a ‘Course Correction’

“Kind of pisses me off that @ nytimes is still asking Who Is Ocasio-Cortez? when it should have covered her campaign,” Jill Abramson erupted on Twitter on Wednesday morning […].

Indeed, a quick review of the Times’ coverage of the primary race turned up mention of and quotes from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in two news stories prior to Election Night, and a few name-checks in editorials […].

“Missing her rise [is] akin to not seeing Trump’s win coming in 2016,” Abramson added in her tweet—an even more biting reference to the Timesself-acknowledged failings in the paper’s reporting of the presidential campaign.

Read the full Daily Beast story.

The problem is that Ocasio-Cortez, as a coastal elite (and don’t tell me that Ocasio-Cortez doesn’t view herself as above “flyover country” no matter how “working class” she is), seems to have no clue what the rest of the country thinks of her socialism. The tea party and occupy wall street are both opposed by the establishment, but they aren’t anything alike.

Ocasio-Cortez isn’t going to translate her victory in New York City into a national victory. But she probably can’t see it.

The New York Post reports, “Ocasio-Cortez wants to be president, mom says.”

Insurgent Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wants to take her budding political career all the way to The White House, her mother told The Post on Wednesday.

“Her aspiration is to be the president,” Blanca Ocasio-Cortez, […] said […].

“She has been thinking about politics since she was a teenager. She would read historical and political books old and new. She would engage in political discussions passionately.”

Read the full story.

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