Ex-Muslim Tells of Literal Slaughterhouses where Kidnapped Christians are Dissected and their Organs Sold to Islamic Nations

This may be one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever had to report on. The intrepid and brave Walid and Theodore Shoebat are reporting on a story out of Albania that has been breaking over the last couple of months. Muslim Albanians in Kosovo are apparently kidnapping Christians in an effort to harvest and sell their organs before killing them.

A Serbian Christian and former Special Forces officer tipped them off to the insidious story.

“They abduct people in Kosovo, Serbian people — in some cases Albanian people — and they take their organs… they torture the people and take their organs while they are still live.” He also said that the victims are usually, “Christians serbs, young women, and men, and also children.”


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While the story may seem unbelievable – this isn’t the first reporting being done on the terrifying subject. A documentary produced in Germany also told the story of Albanian terrorists victimizing Christian Serbs to sell their organs.


Even with multiple accounts and other international outlets corroborating these stories, the Shoebat’s have faced criticism and disbelief.

Yet when Shoebat.com was the first to report on the human slaughterhouses in Syria, in which we obtained one man’s account who gave much detail on the operation regarding Christians and Shiites who were also slaughtered and mutilated. People still questioned it, until of course we obtained original source accounts with extremely troubling footage to back up one man’s testimony and it all checked out…

Shoebat.com also reported on how Syrian Muslims would put their children into rape sessions for money and sell their organs

ISIS deadWe also reported on how the Muslim jihadists in Syria take Christians, drain their blood, and sell vials of blood for $100,000 each to Saudi Arabia because the Arab Muslims have a demonic superstition that if they wash their hands with Christian blood they can obtain salvation.

We also reported on Islamic cannibalism [see here, here, here,, here and here] and so many doubted until of course the truth came out on film when a terrorist ate a human heart and when we showed translated footage on Al-Nas, an Egyptian major media which sanctioned the practice.

We deal with rescuing Christians and being at the tip of he spear we hear of horrific stories. Folks who do not deal with evil and see it first hand have a tendency not to believe until they are in the midst of it. There is such a thing as pure evil, dark, remorseless and hideously ugly.

And instead of trusting our reports, the world still accused us, not the evil ones who perpetrated such evil.

The Shoebat’s have worked hard to uncover the hidden violence of Islamic terrorism – the evil that even the terrorists don’t yet want the world to see – and for their efforts they are scorned by the mainstream media. While the violence and depravity that they have reported on may seem… impossibly evil… it is of vital importance that we understand, it is REALLY HAPPENING.

It is our duty to tell the world about the atrocities being committed in the name of Islam. The many thousands of victims deserve justice, but even more, they deserve to be remembered.


Below is the first hand video that was smuggled out of the slaughterhouses and the Shoebat’s released to the world.


Please be advised the videos are incredibly graphic and not suitable for everyone.


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