Even Trump’s Opponents are Impressed with His Korea Campaign

On networks like MSNBC and CNN they’ve moved in turn between criticizing Trump’s chumminess with Kim Jong Un, to praising the President for finally bringing North Korea to heel. It’s enough to make one’s head spin, but this is what happens when the media becomes a partisan reactionary force.

President Trump’s summit in North Korea went so well that the leftwing media is having a hard time deciding how to cover what has taken place.

On networks like MSNBC and CNN they’ve moved in turn between criticizing Trump’s chumminess with Kim Jong Un, to praising the President for finally bringing North Korea to heel. It’s enough to make one’s head spin, but this is what happens when the media becomes a partisan reactionary force.

For example, CNN had former Obama DNI James Clapper on, and the nation got to hear him argue that DENNIS RODMAN should have played an important role in the North Korea – USA peace talks. No, Dennis Rodman is not some Harvard-educated specialist on Eastern Asian affairs. He’s an NBA Hall of Famer whose nickname is “the Worm” and who has a penchant for flamboyance.

Chris Cuomo: So, let’s get to Jim Clapper, former head of the director of national intelligence here.

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So, first things first. We hear that Dennis Rodman, we have him on the show later on may have given Kim’s men in New York, Trump’s book “The Art of the Deal,” and that he read it. Significant to you?

James Clapper: Yes, it is, I have long been an advocate of involving Dennis Rodman in a —

Chris Cuomo: So, Jim Clapper, the former head of — the former DNI, the director of national intelligence, you saw Dennis Rodman as relevant?

James Clapper: I do. He is a unique person since he has a relationship with both Kim Jong-un and with Donald Trump and obviously has great rapport with Kim Jong-un who is a basketball fanatic himself. So, I think that there is potential here to engage Dennis Rodman in a serious way in promoting this relationship.

Former Democrat Senator and Al Gore’s choice for Vice President, Joe Lieberman, was quite impressed with President Trump’s diplomatic efforts. Lieberman even went out of his way to praise the President for doing things quite differently than his predecessor, Barack Obama.

Joe Lieberman: I think the summit in Singapore was a success. Some people will say – I’ve been interested overnight, President Trump is getting criticized from the left and right, which makes me feel good actually. But the point is, how much can you expect from the first meeting between two nations that have been totally separated, two leaders who are hurling verbal lightning bolts at each other just about six months ago. So I think overall the wording in the communique denuclearization which Kim agreed to say in response to in return for security from the U.S. and prosperity for the people in North Korea. All good. What is of relevance to the Iranian negotiations, President Trump has been a real critic of that agreement, I agree with him. In some ways what the Obama administration and what our European allies did with the Iranians is a template for what not to do here. Don’t look like you want an agreement more than the other side does. Don’t settle for just temporary denuclearization… so there’s a lot more work to do. Secretary Pompeo is going to have a very important role here but the world looks a little brighter this morning.

Yep. You just heard a former Democratic Vice Presidential candidate say ‘Don’t Do Things the Way Obama Did Them.’

Dilbert cartoonist Scott Adams, who did end up supporting Trump in the last election, but isn’t generally a Republican voter also argued that the Trump team’s efforts to woo Kim Jong Un and his leadership team was GENIUS!

Adams begins by telling his viewers that they have to watch the Trump team’s “movie trailer” for Kim Jong Un. Adams argues that the tone, tenor, and message of the film are perfectly tailored to the North Korean dictator and they are a brilliant use of the medium as an effort to bend Kim Jong Un to Trump’s will.

Here’s the video they created first:

Now, here’s Adams explaining why this movie was a stroke of genius.

“You have to watch it. Let me give you my first reaction: It might be the best thing anybody ever did in a negotiation. Period. It might be, in the history of the world, the best thing ever did. It is so good. It hits every note perfectly.

It starts with a movie trailer model. I assume we’ve done our research and know that Kim might like American-style movies or just movies. If he’s the type of person who likes that kind of thing, that might be effective. But it starts right off saying this is a rare opportunity with two special people, so the incentive to be aspirational and become the person in this movie is high. t starts perfectly, great tone, it is serious, the music is like world-big…

Did you catch that? History doesn’t have to repeat. ‘History is always evolving.’ What is the biggest issue everybody has with North Korea right now? We’re stuck in our mental prison of history. We’re stuck assuming that the past repeats. This is saying right from the start, history evolves. History doesn’t repeat, history evolves.”

Even the folks at CNN had to stop attacking the President for a minute to recognize that he’s been quite consistent about the North Korea issue over the years.

David Swerdlick: So, President Trump or then Donald Trump had an initial point that he was right on, that the longer you let international issues fester, the longer you let proliferation issues, nuclear proliferation issues go on and on, the harder they get to deal with down the road.

But the problem is, in his own words, he is saying there when you get to a point like we’re at now, you have a choice of either negotiating or dealing with them, it almost sounded like he was saying, toughly, militarily.

But if these negotiations don’t work — and most negotiators don’t think we’re going to get denuclearization out of these talks — does that mean he is going to follow his own advice from 1999 and take military action?

What was different then that’s not the same now, that you have a war- weary public that’s been through 15, 20 years of war in the Middle East. It’s not going to play out the same way.

Wolf Blitzer: He has been very consistent, Rebecca. What he said in 1999, he could have said last week.

Gloria Borger: But I just think it shows you that Donald Trump really hasn’t changed in 20 years.

Wolf Blitzer: Right.

Gloria Borger: What he believed then, he believes now. And he is not going to change his mind. So, when he says he has been preparing for this his entire life, I mean, it may be partially true, even though he didn’t expect to be president of the United States at that particular point, which may be why he says he doesn’t — he didn’t need to prep.

Not only do they recognize that Trump has been “consistent,” they’re also forced to recognize that he’s been right… the whole time.

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