Even Some ACLU Members Warning Democrats That Kavanaugh Attacks Are Backfiring

Former ACLU leaders are warning that the ACLU’s “appalling” anti-Kavanaugh attack ads are turning out to help the judge’s chances of being confirmed.

A group of former ACLU leaders are warning that the ACLU’s “appalling” anti-Kavanaugh attack ads are turning out to help the judge’s chances of being confirmed AND hurting the Democrat 2018 election prospects.

It would be a one-two punch that would utterly defeat every goal the Democrats have.

The group came out this week to criticize the one million-dollar ad campaign aimed at further destroying the reputation of Brett Kavanaugh, according to the Washington Examiner.

“They are not civil libertarians. They are serving a different master now,” said former ACLU vice president Michael Meyers, who served on the group’s national board from 1981 to 2005.

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Meyers said the TV ad campaign, which compares Kavanaugh to famous sex abusers, violates the civil libertarian principle of presumption of innocence and shows the ACLU is increasingly guided by partisanship over principle.

“It’s not ironic, it’s tragic,” Meyers told the Washington Examiner. “It’s hypocrisy. It’s bald-face hypocrisy. It’s outrageous hypocrisy. It’s a violation of everything we believe in as civil libertarians. It’s appalling, shocking. It’s unacceptable.”

Another former ACLU board member, Wendy Kaminer, echoed Meyers’ warning.

“I think the ad is appalling and one more example of progressive political sentiment trumping civil liberty concerns at ACLU,” Kaminer said. “You should ask national legal director David Cole how he feels about arguing a case before a Justice Kavanaugh who the ACLU has labelled a [Bill] Cosby-like sexual predator.”

Meyers went on to slam the ACLU for breaking the organization’s long-standing policy not to directly jump into current political fights.

“Indeed, with this latest breach of the Non-Partisanship policy, it is now abundantly clear that the ACLU has crossed over from being a civil liberties defense and advocacy organization to a partisan in the vaunted fashion of the so-called ‘Resistance Movement’ of the screaming progressives that seemingly now constitute (according to Anthony’s estimates) in the ‘millions’ of ACLU members,” Meyers said.

Both Meyers and Kaminer decried that the ACLU has become just another boring, left-wing political agency instead of the once great civil rights champion it once was.

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