European Socialism has Destroyed Medicine’s Moral Fiber

There is a big difference between freedom to live as you see fit as imagined within the American system and the individual rights movement of American and European socialists.

For the American, freedom is about the ability to make one’s own way in this world. To do as you will, so long as your choices don’t hurt the people around you. European (and now American) socialists stand the idea of freedom on its head by demanding that the greater good is paramount, and that true freedom comes when the prevailing culture gets its way.

See, the modern liberal talks a good game when it comes to personal freedom, but they don’t actually believe what they peddle. See, for the liberal, personal freedom ends when they start hurting people’s feelings.

This can bee seen with stunning clarity when we discuss the fall of the medical profession in the western world. Our medical professionals were once bound by an important and honorable moral code. Across the civilized world Primum non nocere” or “first, do no harm,” was an incredibly important maxim. It correlates with the Hippocratic Oath, the promise to uphold certain ethical and moral standards that doctors have been making for hundreds (even thousands) of years.

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euthanasiaEven the ancients understood that the job of a physician was special. Doctors are entrusted with the lives of the most valuable things in our lives… our loved ones. We must be able to trust that they will always act in the most moral and ethical manner, or they are of no use to us.

In much of the western world, doctors are laying aside the Hippocratic Oath and the accompanying maxim “first, do no harm” for their own new cultural morality. In Europe today, both abortion and euthanasia are morally acceptable and sometimes even preferable!

A new survey undertaken in the Netherlands found that most doctors there were fine with helping people with “non-physical” suffering end their lives!

86% would help a patient suffering with physical pain die, and 34% said they would assist a patient with no physical suffering but with mental suffering commit suicide.

That’s more than 1 of every 3 doctors, who would help someone in no danger of dying and in no physical pain commit suicide. (I would argue that suicide is always wrong and doctor assisted suicide is heinous and akin to murder – but our culture has slipped far enough that the average person seems to think suicide is sometimes okay.)

EAS is legal in the Netherlands when, according to Bolt’s paper, there is “the presence of unbearable suffering without the prospect of improvement” and “a voluntary and well-considered request”; “the patient is informed about the situation and prognosis”; there is “the absence of reasonable treatment alternatives”; there has been “consultation with a second physician”; and “EAS is performed with due medical care and attention.” Physicians can administer lethal drugs or provide them, and people as young as 12 can request EAS. After the physician performs the act, a review committee determines whether the death met the required conditions.

Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland also permit physician-assisted suicide, the term that Bolt uses in the paper—some advocacy groups in the United States prefer “aid in dying,” while groups opposed to the practice use the phrase “assisted suicide.” Last week, the Supreme Court of Canada overturned a ban on euthanasia; the parliament there now has one year to write up a law. 

mercy kill kidsIn 2013 alone there were almost 5,000 physician-assisted suicides legally performed in the Netherlands! Of course, liberals here in the US are also pushing for more liberal suicide laws, modeled on the same laws that are in place in Europe.

Stephen Drake is a research analyst for the disability rights group Not Dead Yet, and he speaks the truth about Europe’s physician assisted suicide epidemic.

“The European models are wide open, and they’ve increased over time, and the supervision is ludicrous.” Drake adds that “aid in dying” groups in the U.S. will likely look to European models for inspiration and seek fewer restrictions on what types of patients are eligible. “Don’t think for a minute that the groups here really want just [legalized physician-assisted dying] and nothing more,” he says, referring to recent court decisions and legislation in Oregon, Washington, Montana, Vermont and New Mexico.

Couple these frightening ideas about suicide with their penchant for abortion on demand, and we begin to see a very clear and disturbing trend forming among liberals that has infected our medical professionals. “First, do no harm” has gone out the window, and harm has become a basic service provided by doctors in Europe.

Consider that in both Belgium and the Netherlands cases of physician assisted suicide increased exponentially after its legalization in 2002 and that the number of suicides has risen every year since legalization. Then in February of 2014, Belgium even legalized euthanasia for children!

In Germany euthanasia is legal, but they don’t like to call it that because the Nazis also legalized (and forced) euthanasia for those they considered “suffering.” (Particularly the mentally and physically disabled.)

I mean seriously, if the Nazis were cool with it… we should probably be against it.

Euthanasia is also legal in the United Kingdom, Switzerland, and just recently became so in Canada.

The point is that our doctors have become peddlers of death in our brave new world, and that is a very dangerous thing. When the most innocent and helpless among us cannot trust that the doctors who care for them will do all they can to heal or save lives… of what use are the doctors? Our culture has taken the gravest and most terrifying of turns – instead of valuing life and seeing the beauty that all living beings provide, we have embraced death and given it an equal place with life in our modern morality.

And nothing could be more dangerous.

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