ESPN Says Golf Great Tiger Woods ‘Not Really Black’ for Support of Donald Trump

After golf great Tiger Woods refused to take the bait of a liberal reporter to begin bashing President Donald Trump, ESPN commentators unloaded on the golfer with one saying Tiger is “not really black.”

Max Kellerman (a white guy) and Stephen A. Smith (an African American), co-hosts of ESPN’s First Take, pounded Woods for daring to say that he felt the need to respect the office of the President of the United States.

Woods made his pronouncement after the final round of The Northern Trust tournament on Sunday when he was asked about his relationship with President Trump, the New York Post reported.

Woods reused to launch into an attack on Trump and instead said, “He’s the president of the United States. You have to respect the office. No matter who is in the office, you may like, dislike personality or the politics, but we all must respect the office.”

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“Well, I’ve known Donald for a number of years,” Woods said to another question. “We’ve played golf together. We’ve had dinner together. I’ve known him pre-presidency and obviously during his presidency.”

With that, otherwise, Woods refused to go on the attack against Trump.

But the talking heads on ESPN went on the attack against Tiger, instead, for the crime of not being sufficiently full of hate for the president.

The white Kellerman slammed Woods remarks saying it was a “thoughtless statement dressed up as a thoughtful statement.”

“And it either holds in contempt the intelligence of people who hear it or else it’s just a stupid thing to say. … To say you must have respect for the office — Tiger, be clear. Are you saying that the office, therefore, confers respect on to its present temporary occupant? No. Having respect for the office means principally, in my view, is the office holder should have respect for the office,” Kellerman added.

Kellerman went on to accuse Woods of trying to be “slick” with his answers about Trump and then said that the golfer’s intervew was “a stupid comment.”

“I don’t even know if he believes that’s what he’s saying,” Kellerman spat out.

Oh, but it got worse. Kelerman’s co-host then added that Woods isn’t really black. Smith next jumped in to take away Tiger’s membership in the African American community.

“Well, first of all, we don’t know what Tiger Woods believes. He’s Cablinasian. He’s not black,” Smith said. “When he got arrested, he was black. He was listed black on the report.”

So, you aren’t allowed to be black if you don’t hate Trump?


And for the record, Tiger Woods’s father is 100 percent African American.

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