ESPN Refuses To Air National Anthem On ‘Monday Night Football’

ESPN is awful. They claim they are not political, but they have made their Leftist Agenda quite known. Their ratings have suffered greatly. They will continue to hemorrhage viewership and advertisers.

They can do whatever they want because I’ll never watch the NFL again. The league leadership have shot themselves in the foot but refuse to acknowledge it.

Is this their idea of a compromise? Huge fail!

Fox News:

ESPN will not show the national anthem during “Monday Night Football” broadcasts this year, the company’s president said on Friday.

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Jimmy Pitaro addressed the controvery at ESPN’s annual football media day.

Pitaro was asked by a reporter if he spoke to the NFL about the rule changes and the national anthem and if he would consider “turning the cameras on an athlete that’s kneeling for the anthem.”

“We generally have not broadcasted the anthem and I don’t think there’s going to be any change this year. Our plan going into this year is to not broadcast the anthem,” Pitaro said.

“Again, there could be changes. It’s somewhat unpredictable what’s going to happen in the world but as of now our plan now is to not broadcast the anthem. We have communicated that back to the NFL. They have not asked but we proactively just as a courtesy and as good partners let them know what our plans are,” he continued.

The network also did not air the national anthem during last season’s “Monday Night Football” broadcasts. More

Not showing the anthem on TV is as disrespectful as kneeling. Apparently, our national anthem is so offensive to ESPN they will no longer show it.

I can guarantee you their viewership is going to drop big time! The vast majority of Americans DO NOT support this kind of disrespect.

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